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Breathable outdoor clothing for women. Breathable outdoor clothing for women.

Breathable outdoor
Clothing for women.

Our outdoor specialists made from organic cotton, organic merino wool and silk are naturally and sustainably functional.
Outdoor clothing made from 100% organic cotton.
Natural fleece made from light organic cotton.
  • Breathable.
  • Skin friendly.
  • Easy-care.
Cotton fleece is naturally skin-friendly, breathable and absorbent. Alone or in a layered look, organic cotton actively feels great on the skin - and with 300 g/m² fleece it is a small lightweight. Easy-care and durable, the particularly environmentally friendly material gives us the good feeling of being one with nature.
Cotton fleece jackets for women
Outdoor feeling in a natural striped or plain look.
Just in case, organic fleece.

Ringed without a hood. Uni with hood. Always soft. Always easy. In different colors.

More nature. NatureShell.
More nature. NatureShell.
  • Natural weather protection.
  • Nature Shell, exclusively by hessnatur.
  • 100% organic cotton, ecologically impregnated.
  • Breathable and lightweight.
Natural weather protection made from ecologically impregnated organic cotton. Particularly densely woven with a vegan eco finish. An innovation exclusively by hessnatur. Water repellent and windproof. Breathable and naturally light with only 90 g/m². Living nature conservation that protects us sustainably from wind and weather.
Women's functional jackets Nature Shell
World innovation Nature Softshell.
Natural soft shell. Exclusively by hessnatur.
Winner of the german ecodesign award 2021.
Outstanding. Environmentally friendly. Innovative.

The first softshell made from organic cotton. Naturally warming with only 2% elastane. Fluffy and soft. Innovative eco-finish with a natural lotus effect that lets raindrops roll off. The environmentally friendly alternative for comfortable weather protection.

Softshell jackets and trousers for women
Outdoor luxury made of merino and new wool.
Natural fleece made from pure organic merino. Natural fleece made from pure organic merino.
Natural fleece made from pure organic merino.
  • Wool fleece made from 100% organic merino wool.
  • Naturally insulating and warm.
  • Top moisture regulation.
  • Antibacterial and odorless.
Wool fleece made of 100% organic merino is wonderfully light, soft and therefore the perfect companion in nature. Only 285 g/m² and in rare organic quality. Functional by nature. Merino wool keeps you pleasantly warm, transports moisture away from the body, dries quickly, is antibacterial and odorless. High performance, made by nature.
Virgin wool fleece jackets for women
Being active and feeling good in one.
Always there: wool fleece made from organic merino.

Warming biofleece in many colors and different shapes.

Light wool fleece

Light wool fleece.

  • Feather-light natural fleece.
  • 100% warming organic merino.
  • Breathable and moisture-regulating.

Weighing only 160 g/m², this natural fleece comes in a feather-light quality. Made of exclusive organic merino wool, it is suitable for sports and leisure - outdoors and indoors.

Lightweight wool fleece jacket for women
Honeycomb fleece made from organic merino

Performance fleece made from organic merino.

  • Wool fleece made from organic merino wool.
  • Heat-insulating waffle structure.
  • High air circulation.
  • Moisture-regulating and self-cleaning.
Climate Control with our natural high-performance organic merino fiber. The breathable outdoor material, processed into a light honeycomb fleece, is particularly heat-insulating without overheating - and with a weight of only 255 g/m² it is a symbol of natural innovation.
Performance fleece jacket for women
Up close: organic merino

Up close: organic merino.

  • Functional shirt made from twisted organic merino wool.
  • Temperature balancing.
  • moisture-regulating.
  • Breathable.
Functional shirt and base layer made from 100% organic merino wool. 170 g/m² for a good feeling for skin and environment. Warming when it's cold, cooling when it's hot. Absorbs moisture and stays dry. Particularly breathable and a real skin experience.
Merino functional shirt for women
Bottom & Top: Organic Merino

Bottom & Top: Organic Merino.

  • Functional patch with 3D structures.
  • Performance through pure natural fiber quality.
  • Multifunctional hood and loop in one.
  • Breathable and odorless.

The use of changing wool also improves the performance of the new wool. Depending on the weather and with almost 250 g/m² the perfect mid or top layer. With ideal moisture management even during physical exertion.

Women's organic merino wool hoodie
Natural base layer: With climate-regulating organic merino.
Organic merino wool with silk. Organic merino wool with silk.
Organic merino wool with silk.
  • High tech from nature.
  • highly functional.
  • Skin friendly.
A high-tech quality from nature: here comes the finest organic merino wool twisted with silk. This flatters the skin and keeps it pleasantly dry - even during physical exertion. Cooling in summer and warming in winter, this natural phenomenon is THE outdoor material for your skin. Breathable, temperature-regulating, moisture-regulating, self-cleaning and odorless.
Functional shirt for women Long-sleeved functional shirt for women
Our functional underwear in a material mix.
Extra light functional underwear.

Extra light functional underwear.

  • Finest organic merino jersey.
  • Keeps you dry and warm.
  • Self-cleaning and odorless.
Naturally functional base layer made from extra fine organic merino jersey with elastane. Functional underwear that flatters the skin. With sporty flatlock seams and plenty of freedom of movement for outdoor comfort at the highest level. Temperature-balancing, moisture-regulating and self-cleaning with a weight of 185 g/m², ideal for wearing underneath all year round.
Extra light women's functional underwear
Functional underwear made from a new wool-silk mix

Functional underwear made from a new wool-silk mix.

  • Organic Merino and Silk.
  • Light and exclusive.
  • Keeps you warm and dry.
Base layer made from the Climate Control fiber Bio-Merino combined with exclusive silk. Particularly fine and breathable, the natural functional fiber mix keeps you pleasantly warm - and as delicate functional underwear is also particularly durable and skin-friendly. With a weight of 200 g/m², the performance underwear is not bulky and keeps the skin dry even with increasing activity.
Women's functional underwear Pure Mix
The right care for our natural fibers.
Organic detergent
Proper care for cotton.
  • Ecologically manufactured.
  • Ideal for organic cotton.
  • In a recycled plastic bottle.
Fine organic cotton deserves appreciative and naturally ecological care that is in no way inferior to the sustainability of resource-saving fibres. Our liquid detergent is ecologically manufactured from natural raw materials and comes in packaging made from pure recycled plastic.
Organic detergent neutral
Natural mild detergent
Proper care for wool and silk.
  • Ecological care for fine things.
  • Gentle and ecological.
  • With natural lactic acid.
The natural preciousness of silk and other fine fibers can be preserved in the long term with the right care. Our liquid detergent contains particularly gentle washing-active substances for the special requirements of delicate materials. It also contains natural lactic acid, which has a skin-friendly and environmentally friendly effect on the pH value.
Delicate detergent for wool and silk
Bio sanitizer
  • Ecological against odors.
  • Sustainably antibacterial.
  • On a natural basis of lactic acid.
The ideal addition to our detergent series: purely natural and based on lactic acid, the organic hygiene detergent has a lasting effect against bacteria and odours. With no colourants, fragrances or preservatives, the natural ingredients protect the fibers and visibly preserve the freshness of the colors - and they come in 100% recycled plastic bottles.
Bio sanitizer