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Capsule Wardrobe
What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a seasonal mini wardrobe of 30 to 40 versatile favorite pieces, consisting of tops and bottoms, dresses, jackets, coats and shoes.

5 steps to your capsule wardrobe.

Why 30-40 pieces? That's a number that can be used to create numerous outfits for a season. As a rule, that's all you need. But it's not about numbers. If you are happier with a few more or fewer pieces, then feel free!

A style that suits me.

A capsule wardrobe outfit from the current collection.

1. Create the basis

Empty your closet and assign each item to one of the following categories: Donate, give away or sell all clothes that are not liked/worn. Keep mediocre garments out of sight and dispose of them after three months if they have not been missed. Keep favorite items from another season in a box until this season. Favorite pieces from the current season go back into the closet. This is the basis for your capsule wardrobe.

The perfect outfit for him.

With 2-4 colors to the perfect wardrobe.

2. Define your color concept

Think about which colors suit you and what you like the most. There should be a maximum of 4 basic colors in your closet so that you can combine all items well with each other. Make sure that patterns can also be easily combined with each other.

3. How do you choose the items of clothing?
3. How do you choose the garments?

Use the 3-piece model as a guide. For example, choose three tops: a basic top, a statement top and one that looks exactly in between the two. Continue in this way for all items of clothing. Depending on your lifestyle, you can then decide whether you want to add a basic piece here and there or something more original. Combine several outfits and use each item once if possible. Make a note of what you are still missing.

From the base to the highlight.

Set the scene for your look with individual must-haves.

4. How do you complete your capsule wardrobe?
4. How do you complete your capsule wardrobe?

  • Keep only your favorite pieces and basic items from point 1.

  • Browse magazines and social media channels for your style and see what else goes with it.

  • Perhaps take a few photos of the outfits that you are still missing something from and take them with you when you go shopping.

  • Only buy pieces that match your chosen color scheme and that can be easily combined with the rest.

5. Shoes & accessories

Shoes and accessories can turn any simple basic outfit into something really special. They can also turn the impression of an outfit on its head. For example, a rough shoe can make an elegant dress hip and trendy. Try them out and see what effect you can create with your combinations.

Our essentials for your capsule wardrobe
Our essentials for your capsule wardrobe.
Shirts: the essential basis for every outfit

From tops to turtlenecks: breathable tops made from sustainable materials in many new shapes.

Knitwear: warm knits for new looks

From sweaters to dresses: soft knitwear made from natural fibers such as alpaca and organic merino wool for ever new combinations.

Fleece: ideal for sport and leisure

From vests to jackets: natural fleece made from organic merino wool or organic cotton for a balanced body climate.