Hessnatur Logo
You won't compromise? Neither do we.

Since our foundation in 1976, we at hessnatur have been producing sustainable clothing that is high-quality and timeless. We ensure fair working conditions, for example on the cotton plantations of our partners. We save resources, such as water in the production of jeans. And we protect the environment because, among other things, we do not use plastics in our clothing. In short, we take responsibility for people and nature.

Actions must now be followed by words.

We have never trumpeted our commitment loudly because our brand and our fashion are rather reserved and stylish. And because we take it for granted that we produce fair and ecological clothing. But the more sustainability becomes a trendy topic, the clearer we see it: It is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to keep track. Which clothing is produced in an environmentally friendly way? What is really fair, socially responsible and sustainable? Are brands green or are they just green washing?

We want to shed light on the fashion jungle.

By clearly stating what we stand for and what we do. By distancing ourselves from fast fashion. And by confidently communicating that we have been pioneers in producing fair and environmentally friendly clothing for over 45 years. We were awarded the German Sustainability Award for this back in 2008 - long before sustainability became a fashion topic.

Uncompromising styles

Fair and environmentally friendly

Uncompromising since 1976, newly communicated from 2024.

The uncompromising nature of our attitude should not only be noticeable in our products, but also in our communication. That's why hessnatur is now launching a new logo, a new design and a new credo: No compromise since 1976.

And there is another change.

We not only want to treat our customers like good friends, but also address them as such. So please don't be surprised if, as part of the hessnatur community, we start calling you by your first name.

Waste is not an option for us.

We are uncompromising when it comes to sustainability: we will use up existing materials such as bags and cardboard boxes before we produce new ones. That's why you may still see the old logo months after the brand relaunch. But that's bearable, right?

Sustainable since 1976. Well-dressed for 2024.

Natural and durable