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Baby sleeping bags.

For sweet dreams and a healthy baby sleep.

Baby sleeping bags.

One more beautiful and cuddlier than the other: The hessnatur sleeping bags are precisely designed to meet the needs of our babies: they are warm, naturally breathable and provide a sense of security.

Which sleeping bag size does your baby need?

To determine the right sleeping bag size, you can use the following formula:

Body length - head length + 10 cm legroom = correct sleeping bag size.

If you are unsure which size is the right one, rather opt for the smaller size, because the sleeping bag should not be too big, so that your baby does not slip into it - this is the rule of thumb.

The neckline should not be too big, so that the little head does not slip through again, but at the same time does not fit too tightly around the neck of your little treasure. If your child is lying in the sleeping bag and one of your fingers still fits into the neckline, then this is the correct neckline width. The same applies to the armholes: if the cutouts are too wide, the heat loss is too great and the little arms may slip into the sleeping bag. However, the sleeve cut-outs should in no case be too tight and constrict. For this reason, our sleeping bags have adjustable straps so that they always fit ideally. The sleeping bag should also be long and wide enough so that your baby has enough freedom of movement.

Which sleeping bag does your baby need?

Decisive for the right sleeping bag is the temperature of the baby's room, 16 - 18° C is recommended. The TOG value informs you how warm the sleeping bag will keep your baby. The higher the value, the warmer the sleeping bag. All hessnatur baby sleeping bags have been tested by an independent testing laboratory. Decide individually which sleeping bag and clothing your baby should wear.

One tip: You know your child best. Feel the back of your child's neck: If it is moist, it is too warm in bed. Use the table below as a guide.

Nightwear for babies & children.

Our organic nightwear is especially skin-friendly, soft and stretchy. This is the ideal quality for restful nights and a healthy sleep. In our practical onesies, especially the smallest ones are wonderfully wrapped all around.

Home collection for babies & children.

Discover our entire home collection: bedding, sleepwear, bathrobes & Co in organic quality to make you cozy and for a restful sleep.