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Organic cotton clothing for him and her.

Organic cotton is also a favorite plant fiber in winter. Whether soft or cozy and voluminous - knitted sweaters and cardigans made from organic cotton ensure a naturally good feeling on the skin all year round. And also for many square meters of healthy soil - because the fibres come from controlled organic cultivation.

Proper care for organic cotton.

Certified organically grown and processed without harmful chemicals - this organic detergent provides optimum care for uncomplicated organic cotton. It is important to pull cotton jersey clothing into shape with a damp cloth after washing and to pay attention to the washing temperature to prevent shrinkage.

Virgin wool
Organic virgin wool clothing for him and her.

Pure new wool knows what the skin needs. Because it optimally regulates body temperature. Water droplets have difficulty penetrating the fibers and roll off just like dust and dirt. Practical: new wool regenerates itself - simply air it out and enjoy it fresh again the next day.

Rhön wool from Germany.

We focus on sustainability in every form. For us, this also includes regionality and biodiversity. We have been supporting the endangered Rhön sheep breed with our own collection since 1999. Characteristic of the durable high-tech fiber from nature: its high moisture absorption and thermal insulation. Ideal for anyone who likes to be outdoors whatever the weather.

Cashmere clothing for him and her.

A precious source of warmth: the hair of the cashmere goat is considered the finest wool in the world. It is particularly soft and cuddly. Only 150 grams are combed by hand from an animal's coat each year. Whether pure or in a mix - cashmere gives every item of clothing a luxuriously soft feel.

Women's clothing made from alpaca.

It is not without reason that alpaca, with its unique wearing properties, is one of the most exclusive precious hairs. The fine wool stores body heat better than any other and ensures ideal warmth. All year round. The exclusive material is soft and supple. A real all-rounder for the skin.

Proper care for organic wool.

It couldn't be easier to care for: new wool is naturally dirt-repellent, i.e. minor soiling can be brushed out and odors disappear by airing. If washing is necessary, we recommend hand washing or a cold wool wash cycle with our organic mild detergent for wool clothing. The clothing should then be pulled into shape and dried flat.

Women's clothing made from Tencel™ Modal.

We obtain the soft, flowing modal fiber, which surprises with its breathable, silky, shiny quality, from certified beech wood, or more precisely from wood residues. Because it is completely CO2-neutral and is produced in a closed cycle with very low energy consumption, it is very sustainable. Its production requires up to 20 times less water than the cultivation of conventional cotton.

Hemp | Linen
Clothing made from hemp.

Hemp is known for its indestructible, cool and robust personality. As one of the most sustainable natural fibers, it requires hardly any water during cultivation and thrives without chemicals. Combined with organic cotton, it makes robust and comfortable leisurewear.

Linen clothing.

Linen - like hemp - is one of the oldest and most sustainable natural fibers. Obtained from the flax plant, linen fibers are cool on the skin and have temperature-regulating properties. Whether pure or mixed with organic cotton: the result is airy, casual favorites.

Proper care for hemp, linen and modal.

HEMP: Hemp fibers absorb moisture just as quickly as they dry. To clean them gently, we recommend low temperatures of up to 30 °C. After washing, pull into shape with a damp cloth and air dry out of direct sunlight.

LINEN: Amazingly dirt-repellent: To keep them looking good for a long time, linen should only be washed at the specified temperature and spun a little. After washing, gently pull into shape and air dry. Ironing tip: Iron inside out with a steam iron or while still slightly damp.

MODAL: Clothing made from this sustainable fiber only needs to be washed at 30 °C on a gentle cycle and does not shrink. It is best ironed inside out at a medium temperature.

We recommend our organic detergent for all three fibers so that you can enjoy your items for a long time and your clothes remain free from harmful additives.

Women's clothing made from silk.

Luxurious feel: silk is one of the most precious animal fibers. The soft sheen is characteristic of the soft, flowing fabric. Silk is only processed with the utmost care. This excludes all processes that pollute the environment or lead to harmful residues: We check the entire production process and test every new material for skin compatibility.

Proper care of silk clothing.

We have developed this high-yield organic mild detergent especially for the requirements of this precious fiber. We generally recommend washing by hand or on a cold wool wash cycle, whereby silk should not be wrung out. When airing or drying silk, it is better not to expose it to direct sunlight. Avoid treating silk with water at certain points - for example when ironing or removing stains.

Without elastane
Favorite pieces without elastane.

Pure nature on the skin. True skin flatterers that are completely spandex-free. Hard to believe? We show that it's possible.

Care products
Proper care for plant fibers.

  • Ecologically produced.

  • In a recycled glass bottle.

Fine plant fibers deserve appreciative and natural care that is in no way inferior to the sustainability of the resource-saving fiber. The liquid detergent is ecologically produced from natural raw materials and comes in a recyclable glass bottle with a real wood cap.

Proper care for down.

  • Ecological care for down.

  • Free from palm oil and petrochemical ingredients.

  • Without fragrances and dyes.

We recommend the natural care of down jackets, pillows or children's sleeping bags: The organic detergent for down cleans and cares with a mild, environmentally friendly formula. Beautifully designed: the packaging consists of reusable glass bottles with real wood lids.

Neutral organic hygiene rinse aid.

  • Ecological against odors.

  • Sustainably antibacterial.

  • Based on natural lactic acid.

The ideal addition to the laundry detergent range: Based purely on natural lactic acid, the organic hygiene rinse aid has a lasting effect against bacteria and odors. Without colorants, fragrances or preservatives, the natural ingredients are gentle on the fibers and visibly maintain color freshness. In a reusable glass bottle with a real wood cap.