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Even in winter, organic cotton is one of our favorite plant fibers. Whether fine and delicate or cuddly voluminous - our knitted sweaters and jackets made of organic cotton for women and men naturally ensure a good skin feeling in summer. And also for many square meters of healthy soil - because the fibers for all pure cotton items come from controlled organic cultivation.

Noble and fine.

Organic Pima cotton.

Pima cotton is unique. It is the best we have: it comes from the high regions of Peru and has the longest cotton fibers. These can be spun super fine for an extra smooth quality - a guarantee for longer durability of the textiles.

Caring for organic cotton properly.

Organically grown and processed without harmful chemicals - this organic detergent optimally cares for our uncomplicated organic cotton. It is important to pull clothing made of cotton jersey into shape while still damp after washing and to pay attention to the washing temperature to prevent shrinkage.


New wool knows what our skin needs. Because it regulates the body temperature exactly as it is good for us. Drops of water have difficulty getting into the fibers and roll off, just like dust and dirt. And: New wool regenerates itself - simply air it out and enjoy it fresh the next day.


Rhön wool from Germany.

With our jackets made of robust Rhön wool, you are making an important contribution to biodiversity. Because although this valuable natural fiber is produced in a manner appropriate to the species in the UNESCO Rhön Biosphere Reserve, there was hardly any demand for it on the textile market from the 1970s onwards. As a result, the stock of Rhön sheep had fallen sharply. This prompted us to launch a project to preserve this breed in 2001 and to develop specific uses for it.

Rare treasures.


Our most valuable natural fibers such as camel, cashmere, mohair and yak are referred to as precious hair because they are only available in small quantities due to their valuable properties and their special origin. Their soft, flowing drape and elegant look make our clothing feel luxurious to wear. The following applies to all fine hair used by hessnatur: we only process it if its origin is transparent and our strict guidelines are met.
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Alpaca women's clothing.

Only caresses can be more beautiful than these noble fibers. Once you pick it up, you can't resist the temptation to wear it. socially fair. Warms with ease and the good feeling of doing something good for people and animals in Peru.
Discover alpaca knitwear for women

Proper care for organic wool.

It couldn't be easier to care for: New wool is naturally dirt-repellent, ie minor dirt can be brushed out and odors disappear when aired. If washing is necessary for care, hand washing or a cold wool wash with our organic mild detergent for wool clothing is recommended. The clothing should then be pulled into shape and dried lying flat.

Clothes made of silk.

Clothing made of silk seduces and, as a refinement of our other fibres, makes spending time with it an extraordinary event. This precious fiber is only processed with great care. This excludes all processes that pollute the environment or lead to pollutant residues. How do we ensure that? By checking the entire production process and testing each new material for skin compatibility - by independent institutes and our own engineers.
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Proper care for silk clothing.

We have developed this economical organic mild detergent for silk clothing especially for the demands of this precious fibre. Basically, we recommend washing by hand or on a cold wool cycle, whereby silk should not be wrung out. When airing or drying, it is better not to expose silk to direct sunlight. It is also important not to sprinkle water on silk (e.g. when ironing) and not to treat stains with water, and not to spray perfume or deodorant directly onto the fabric.

Caring for hemp, linen and modal properly.

HEMP: Hemp fibers dry just as quickly as they absorb moisture. In order to clean them gently, we recommend low temperatures of up to 30 °C. After washing, pull into shape while damp and air dry out of direct sunlight.

LINEN: Amazingly dirt-repellent: To keep it beautiful for a long time, linen should only be washed at the specified temperature and spun a little. Gently reshape after wash and air dry. Ironing tip: Iron inside out with a steam iron or while still slightly damp.

MODAL: Clothing made from this sustainable fiber only needs to be washed at 30 °C on a gentle cycle and will not shrink. It is best to iron them inside out at a medium temperature.

We recommend our organic detergent for all three fibers so that you can enjoy your items for a long time and your clothes remain free of harmful additives.

Favorite pieces without elastane.

Pure nature on the skin. Real skin-flatterers that do without elastane. Hard to believe? We show that it works.
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Care for plant fibers properly.

  • Ecologically manufactured.
  • In a recycled glass bottle.
Fine plant fibers deserve appreciative and naturally ecological care that is in no way inferior to the sustainability of resource-saving fibres. Our liquid detergent is ecologically manufactured from natural raw materials and comes in packaging made from pure recycled plastic.
Organic detergent neural

Proper care for down.

  • Ecological care for down.
  • Free from palm oil and petrochemical ingredients.
  • Without fragrances and dyes
We recommend the natural care of your down jackets, pillows or children's sleeping bags: the organic detergent for down cleans and cares with a mild, environmentally friendly formula. We have now changed our packaging to reusable glass bottles with real wood lids — we wish you a lot of fun with these shapely bottles.
Organic detergent for down


  • Ecological against odors.
  • Sustainably antibacterial.
  • On a natural basis of lactic acid.
The ideal complement to our detergent series: purely natural based on lactic acid, the organic hygiene detergent has a lasting effect against bacteria and odours. With no colourants, fragrances or preservatives, the natural ingredients protect the fibers and visibly preserve the freshness of the colors - and they come in 100% recycled plastic bottles.
Bio sanitizer