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GOTS certified* clothing and textiles

*GOTS-certified hessnatur articles are labeled separately with the GOTS seal under "Excellent Quality" for each individual product.

We have our fashion certified. So you can be sure that every single production step meets high social and ecological standards.

What exactly does the label mean?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certifies that the entire production chain has been tested and inspected by independent bodies. The GOTS standard meets the strictest requirements. These include, among other things:

  • The origin of the organic fibers

  • No use of harmful chemicals

  • Environmental protection in production

  • Fair social standards

Pure natural fibers

GOTS is recognized worldwide as the leading standard for the processing of organically produced natural fibres. Only textiles made from at least 70% pure organic fibers can be certified. Just like our popular organic cotton, from soft fleece to delicate shirt and underwear qualities for clothing that is undyed and unbleached to protect the skin.

Fair conditions

The GOTS seal also takes social standards into account during production. In addition to the environmental requirements, fair working conditions must also be ensured during production. This includes, for example, a ban on child and forced labor and fair wages. Only those who agree to these high social standards can become a supplier for hessnatur.

GOTS-certified women's fashion

Discover the large selection of our GOTS-certified women's range.

GOTS-certified menswear

A wide variety of certified GOTS menswear put together for you.

GOTS-certified baby clothing

Sustainably produced clothing for babies and children according to the GOTS standard.

GOTS-certified home textiles

Discover the large selection of our GOTS-certified home products.