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For the protection of the oceans: in this limited edition, too, we only use cotton from controlled organic cultivation. Because it grows without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers that would otherwise end up in the sea via the rivers. With prints by the Japanese graphic artist NAITO, which show the fascinating and species-rich life in a coral reef.

Highlights for you.

Comfortable active wear in a limited edition ocean print by NAITO: sweatshirt, leggings, cycling shorts and T-shirt for even more fun on the move. Made with eco-friendly organic cotton.

How organic cotton protects the oceans.

The oceans are essential for life on our planet. They produce almost 50% of the oxygen we need and absorb a quarter of all CO2 emissions. Nevertheless, this habitat is under serious threat - and protecting it is one of the many reasons why we at hessnatur use 100% organic cotton. This is because no harmful pesticides and fertilizers are used that can pollute rivers and oceans.

Highlights for the whole family.

Limited edition for men and kids and bed linen: skin-friendly designs in an exclusive art print by artist NAITO. With organic cotton, whose cultivation protects the soil and oceans.

Naito, what inspired you to design the Ocean Collection?

"I wanted to use deeper, stronger colors for the Deep Ocean design theme of our 2nd collection. So I used navy blue and deep green as the main colors. The natural marine environment is being polluted by humans every day. It's not getting better, unfortunately it's getting worse

I sympathize with you because you have been making clothes from natural fibres for over 47 years. And if I had my own collection, I would definitely design it with environmental protection in mind."

Natural denim. Fits perfectly. For nature too.

The ideal match for the new NAITO designs: denims made from fine organic cotton, ecologically produced from cultivation to the last rivet.

The Ocean Collection with the Ermerson family.

These pictures make you want to go to the sea: the @Mrs_Ermerson family took their Ocean Collection highlights with them on their family vacation.