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Better without plastic
Natural fleece: not an art

Fleece essentials made from natural fibers. With organic cotton and organic virgin wool instead of polyester.

Qualities at a glance
Pure nature: all qualities at a glance
Organic cotton fleece
  • breathable

  • kind to the skin

  • easy to care for

The fluffy cotton fleece is an All-rounder, even for wool-sensitive skin. Versatile and durable, ideal as a fluffy jacket for the home office or as an insulating mid-layer to wear underneath when out and about. Now also available as an extra-light soft fleece.

Wool fleece made from organic merino
  • light and soft

  • keeps you warm and dry

  • self-cleaning

The soft wool fleece naturally ensures the ideal temperature. It always feels dry because it wicks moisture away from the body. For people who like to be active, as a top or mid-layer for Nordic walking and hiking, because it is so stretchy and warm,
without overheating.

BetterRecycling fleece
  • cuddly soft

  • resource-saving

  • natural melange effect

With up to 50% recycled organic cotton fibers from our own production waste, we create a cuddly fleece with a lively melange effect. This resource-saving quality brings that little happiness factor that we can feel on its own or as a mid-layer in everyday life and during sport.

Walk made from organic virgin wool
  • warm and dense

  • breathable

  • wind-repellent

Our organic virgin wool is used to create a dense, environmentally friendly fleece that retains body heat even better. Naturally dirt-repellent - simply brush out and air overnight. As a top layer for long walks in the countryside as well as for a stroll through town.

Natural fleece: modern versatility

The good intentions start with new fleece essentials. Made from natural fibers such as organic cotton and organic virgin wool. And without polyester. But with more comfort and greater functionality. Now new in casual silhouettes with a fresh color kick.

Natural fleece: follows your every move

Modern fleece jackets with a sporty character: in new shapes and muted colors. Made from natural materials.

Organic fleece for men

No matter which of our cuddly qualities you choose - each one contains only pure natural fibers.

Natural fleece: natural protection

Overalls, jackets & co. - these fleece essentials are functional all-rounders. Ideal for indoors and outdoors. Made from organic cotton or organic virgin wool.

What we do differently
Natural fleece: what we do differently

While conventional fleece contains synthetic fibers, we only use organic cotton and virgin wool for our soft fleece essentials. The advantage: the skin breathes perfectly. And the body climate is optimally regulated during both resting and active phases. Say goodbye to excessive sweating and electrostatic charge!