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Naturally functional outdoor clothing for women.

Just get out into the fresh air and recharge your batteries! Whether you work out while skiing or take a leisurely stroll in the forest - both are so good! With our chic outdoor clothing for women, you are always optimally dressed - in wind and weather, for all physical demands. Discover the materials that exactly match your favorite activity - just click and start browsing. By the way: The well thought-out equipment details are made for your tours. For even more comfort!

Running clothes for women Running clothes for women

Running in natural functional clothing.

Be active, stay warm and dry - goal achieved! Our feminine, functional women's outdoor clothing won't make you sweat - no matter how far you want to go or how quickly you want to arrive. Discover new favorite items for running, jogging, trail running, cycling or climbing. Well thought-out details such as flat seams and pockets, extended backs or body mapping make your favorite sport even more fun.

  • Durable quality made of merino wool, organic cotton and silk
  • Elastic-stretchable, hard-wearing, dimensionally stable, breathable
  • Moisture is skillfully drawn away from the body

Running clothes for women
High performance - of course!
Running clothes for women.

It works for you: Anyone who jogs regularly needs clothing that works. Pure or mixed - merino is number one.

Outdoor casual clothing for women Outdoor casual clothing for women

Outdoor clothing for women - well equipped for sport and leisure.

Outdoor casual clothing is really chic and the ideal outfit even on cloudy days. Whether strolling through the city, traveling, cycling, walking in the park - perfect fit and intelligent functionality are just as important as well-thought-out workmanship. So that you don't overheat when things get really strenuous and don't cool down when you shift down a gear. Natural fibers inspire again and again! We have been since 1976.

  • Merino wool, virgin wool, organic cotton - breathable and kind to the skin
  • Warm, soft, cuddly, soft, comfortable - we love it!
  • Dimensionally stable, elastic-stretchable, hard-wearing

Outdoor casual clothing for women
Women's casual wear for outdoors and indoors.
Everyday outdoor.

Now function, aesthetics and well-being become one: We have interpreted the classic Troyer to snuggle up in a contemporary way.

Hiking clothing for women Hiking clothing for women

Hiking - perfect with the right outfit.

We recharge our batteries in nature - wonderful! Whether for trekking, hiking or high in the mountains: natural fibers in hessnatur outdoor clothing fulfill their function in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way than synthetic fibers. It is also relaxing for nature and the skin can breathe. Underwear, socks, pants, shirts and jackets are color and functionally coordinated. The following applies to every tour: the better the clothing and the more coordinated the layering, the greater the fun.

  • Keep you warm and dry: silk, merino wool, new wool, cotton fleece
  • Comfortable to wear: soft, light, elastic-stretchable
  • Functional clothing with many well thought-out details

Hiking clothing for women
Softshell - free from chemicals.

Sustainable hiking clothing.

Feel the sovereignty of nature: Authentic styles in fresh agave green - color-coordinated.

Sustainable women's winter clothing Sustainable women's winter clothing

Sustainable women's winter clothing.

Blue skies, cold air, dancing snowflakes - winter wonderland! Our outdoor qualities are also warm and soft on your skin on the slopes and protect the body from overheating and cooling. Underwear, loops, pants, shirts and jackets made of natural fibers such as silk, merino wool, virgin wool and organic cotton are made for winter sports. Individually adjustable hoods, breathable and innovative padding, a windscreen and fleece lining for warm hands - we love that extra portion of comfort!

  • Softshell - insulating, warming, water-repellent
  • Wool fleece - made from pure organic merino
  • Nature Shell - ecologically sustainable impregnation

Winter sports clothing for women
Long-term warming and optimally protected.
For winter and weather.
Women's clothing for outdoor adventures Women's clothing for outdoor adventures

Adventure - up close.

Tents, camping, star gazing on a night hike - sometimes you have to take short breaks from everyday life in nature. What shouldn't be missing: comfortable socks, underwear, fleece vests, scarves, shirts, sweaters, backpacks and jackets. Our outdoor for women not only withstands wind and weather and the body is cozy and warm - it makes us feel good because it is produced fairly and sustainably. Discover new favorites for your outdoor adventure.

  • skin-friendly natural materials
  • unlimited joy of movement
  • sustainable, well-thought-out outdoor features

Women's clothing for outdoor adventures
Enthusiastic about pure nature.
Premium quality for sport & leisure.

Surprisingly valuable. Discover the natural properties of our natural qualities: They warm, absorb moisture and keep us dry.

Women's functional shirts made from organic merino wool.

Women's functional shirts made from organic merino wool.

A must-have for hikers, trekkers and campers: Merino wool is a real functional wonder and just as suitable for minus as well as plus degrees. The quality of our outdoor shirts is extremely breathable. Whether you challenge yourself while hiking or take it easy, a functional shirt can do it all.
Functional shirts for women
Women's fleece jackets made of organic cotton

Women's fleece jackets made of organic cotton.

Free of synthetic fibers: the ideal addition for cooler weather. Our light organic cotton fleece jackets for women are ideal tour companions: skin-friendly, breathable and absorbent. Functionally equipped with zippers, thumb holes and elastic cords, they are your best sparring partner.
Fleece jackets for women
Nature Shell: Wind & weather jackets for women

Nature Shell: Wind & weather jackets for women.

Our functional wind and weather jackets are the perfect outer layer. With Nature Shell we rely on the use of pure organic cotton with an eco finish - for the sake of nature and your skin. Ultra-light, sustainably impregnated and with a small pack size, they are part of every adventure - even if the adventure takes place on the playground.
Functional jackets for women

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