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Pillow advisor
Pillow advisor

Healthy and restful sleep, relaxed neck muscles and spine - important needs that are often neglected. The choice of the right pillow plays a major role in the quality of sleep. Our use of organic, pollutant-free raw materials contributes to a healthy sleeping environment. Which material and pillow are right for you essentially depends on your preferred sleeping position, the support this requires and any allergies you may have. Our pillow advisor will give you an idea of which pillows are suitable for you.

Sleeping position
Pillows for back sleepers

Back sleepers need pillows that relieve pressure on the neck. With the right pillow height, the underside of the nose should be at right angles to the lying position.

Pillows for stomach sleepers

Pillows with less volume are suitable for a relaxed sleeping position for stomach sleepers. The flatter the better, so that the neck is well relieved.

Pillows for side sleepers

Optimal support for the neck and spine: the side sleeping position is perfect when the bridge of the nose is parallel to the mattress.

Natural pillow fillings - the full diversity of nature.

Our valuable natural fibers are as diverse as the requirements for the perfect pillow. That's why you can find their most important properties at a glance here.

Pillow filling made from organic cotton

Light and breathable: ideal summer pillow for a fresh sleeping experience. Particularly suitable for people who perspire easily. Cover made of organic cotton, filling either pure organic cotton or blend with kapok or bamboo. Machine washable and vegan.

  • Pleasantly light

  • Temperature-regulating

  • Moisture-regulating

  • No use of animal hair

  • Machine washable

  • Sustainably manufactured in a German factory

Pillow filling made from new wool

Soft and warming: pillow filled with organic virgin wool, which absorbs moisture to ensure a dry sleeping environment. Warms reliably and draws heat away from the body.

  • Dry sleeping climate

  • Very hard-wearing

  • Ideal for people who perspire easily

  • Particularly soft

  • With virgin wool from certified organic animal husbandry

  • Sustainably manufactured in a German factory

Pillow filling with down and feathers

Light and cuddly: extra-soft pillows for maximum sleeping comfort. The natural hessnatur free-range down comes from species-appropriate animal husbandry and is not obtained from live animals, but exclusively as a by-product. Machine washable and also suitable for allergy sufferers thanks to the mite-proof cover.

  • Not obtained from live animals

  • Light and cozy

  • Moisture-regulating

  • Machine washable

  • Mite-proof

  • Sustainably manufactured in a German factory

Pillow filling made from natural latex

Ergonomically perfect support pillow: Made of pure natural latex with two sides of different heights, from which you can choose the side that is most comfortable for your neck. The head sinks in softly, the firmer outer zone supports the neck. With washable cover made of organic cotton.

  • Ergonomically optimized

  • Elastic support

  • Made from natural latex

  • Sustainably manufactured in a German factory

Pillows for children
Pillows for babies and children.

Natural security: Flat pillows with raised edges on three sides provide a protected body feeling without hindering breathing. With a cover made from hand-picked organic cotton and breathable, natural filling.

Seat and decorative cushions
Seat and decorative cushions

With hessnatur cushions and cushion covers, you can realize individual living dreams and create cosy corners for yourself, your family and your guests.

Telephone advice
Do you have any questions?

Our telephone advice service will be happy to help you with any special requests. You can reach our advice team Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00:

06033 991-801

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