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Natural outdoor clothing based on the layering principle. Natural outdoor clothing based on the layering principle.

LessPlastic. Full function.

Natural outdoor clothing made from natural fibers.
Natural outdoor clothing based on the layering principle.

Breathable, water-repellent and wind-resistant - every layer in our ecological outdoor collection for women is made from and for nature. For under and over. Organic merino wool, silk and organic cotton ensure a perfect body climate. That's why we rely on innovative processing of natural materials without microplastics in our Active Wear collection. For a full function. For protecting our planet.

The layer principle - of course, functional outdoor clothing only from hessnatur.
BASE LAYER: moisture-regulating functional underwear made from fine organic merino wool or a skin-soothing wool-silk blend.

SECOND LAYER: Breathable T-shirts and sweatshirts, light vests or jackets made of organic cotton or organic merino wool.

THIRD LAYER: Warming layer with vests and jackets made of organic cotton fleece, wool fleece or organic merino fleece.

TOP LAYER: Functional wind and weather protection with functional jackets or softshell jackets made of organic cotton.
Complete the look.
Ensnared by nature.

High performance in the green area.

Outdoor clothing for her - base layer
Base layer

Merino functional underwear - a matter of course, of course.

The first layer in the layer system is directly on the body. The material should therefore be particularly gentle on the skin, keep it warm and dry and allow it to breathe. The most important natural fiber for our hessnatur outdoor functional underwear is therefore fine merino wool. Warming in winter and cooling in summer, Merino is what our skin particularly enjoys during physical exertion. Light, fine, moisture-regulating, self-cleaning and odorless, the delicate new wool in our natural functional underwear comes in a mix with exclusive silk or, for an even better fit, with a dash of elastane. A long-lasting performance underwear that is particularly light and kind to the skin.
Base layer for women
Outdoor clothing for you - second layer Outdoor clothing for you - second layer
Second layer

Breathable outdoor shirts made from natural fibers.

The second layer of the functional layered look are breathable outdoor shirts. At hessnatur, they are also completely natural, for example made of light organic cotton or the finest organic merino. Our functional layered shirts have a great fit and wick moisture away from the body during exertion - for a pleasantly dry skin feeling. Depending on the temperature, an outdoor shirt is supplemented with additional layers or simply worn as feminine and sporty.
Second layer for women
Outdoor clothing for you - third layer Outdoor clothing for you - third layer
Third layer

Warming natural fleece without microplastics.

We have the third layer in three different degrees of warmth made of skin-friendly organic cotton, light new wool and warming organic merino wool. Completely natural and without microplastics. This is how we do nature good when we move around in it. Soft and warm, natural fleece by hessnatur is sustainable, breathable and moisture-regulating without any synthetic fibers - and can also be worn as a top layer in dry weather.
Third layer for women
Outdoor clothing for you - top layer Outdoor clothing for you - top layer
Top layer

Natural weather protection, completely environmentally friendly.

The last layer of our ecological outdoor layer system offers functional wind and weather protection - consistently based on natural fibers. This is a small global innovation that is only available from hessnatur. Thanks to new techniques and ecological impregnation - vegan and based on beeswax - we can do without unnecessary plastic and harmful chemicals in our NATURE SHELL and wax jackets. Sustainably protective and with a natural lotus effect, the innovative material lets water simply roll off. That makes a good feeling - not only when hiking and running, but also when taking a trip to the city. Many of our weather jackets also have a particularly small pack size and can be easily transported so that you are always prepared for any weather.
Top layer for women