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Organic denim: sustainable with style
We love jeans that fit better - for us and the environment. Modern fits meet natural denim qualities made from resource-conserving organic cotton with natural rubber, hemp or kapok. New washes create versatile looks.
Circular ID
We do things differently: denim with circularity.ID®

With circularity.ID® we are setting new standards and making denim fit for the future. Just in time for Global Recycling Day on March 18, the first denim styles will be given a QR code that leads to a product passport. This makes everything transparent at a glance - from the material used and the manufacturing process to recycling instructions. An important step towards further closing the fashion loop and protecting the environment.

Saving water
91 % water saving
A perfect fit - for the environment too

While the cultivation of raw materials for our jeans uses 91% less water, we save up to 50 liters of water in the production of our denims and recycle around 80% of the waste water for the next washing process. Not using pumice stones also has a positive effect on our water consumption - if they are used to create used effects, several washes are required afterwards to rinse out the pumice stone residue.

Overall, we manage to save up to 45,379 bottles of water per pair of jeans when growing the raw materials and recycling them.

Organic cotton
100% organic cotton
Fits perfectly - even the earth

Our denims are made from sustainably produced organic cotton - so the soil used can regenerate itself and remain fertile and productive for generations to come. Using pure organic cotton means a whole 30 m² less polluted soil per pair of jeans - and more clean soil for us all.

All hessnatur jeans are produced in a socially and ecologically fair way.

The most sustainable jeans of all time

Jeans have become an integral part of our closet - their relaxed versatility enriches our lives. We at hessnatur have now developed our most sustainable jeans ever. They not only suit you particularly well, but also our planet. Find your new favorite jeans - for more comfort and more tomorrow.

Less plastic
Less plastic
Super comfortable and biodegradable

Our new stretch denim is not only super comfortable, but also completely natural and biodegradable. Why? Because it's made from organic cotton and the innovative and sustainable stretch yarn Coreva™. Together with our Italian partner Candiani, we have achieved another very important milestone. Coreva™ is pure nature, as the natural rubber used is obtained from the rubber tree. This makes our new denim completely biodegradable. Jeans that fit perfectly - for the environment too!

The joint innovation Coreva™ from hessnatur and Candiani decomposes completely after just six months in the compost, without releasing any harmful chemicals or microplastics. This is our next step towards a circular economy. Our circular process turns raw materials into fabrics and these into garments that can be returned to nature thanks to their biodegradability. In this way, we prevent textile waste and negative effects on our planet.

Coreva™ denim

Find your new favorite pieces made from sustainable Coreva™ denim. For more tomorrow.

Fits perfectly - even the oceans

Small details with a big impact: our jeans have neither a patch nor an advertising label. In addition, from now on they will only be adorned with galvanic and plastic-free buttons and rivets - for less plastic in the world.

With jeans from hessnatur, you too can change the world. Text adaptation: The pleasing results of our galvanic and plastic-free buttons, which are used in our denim production:

  • 98 % fewer chemicals

  • 16 % lower energy consumption

  • 65 % less water consumption

  • 85 % less hazardous waste

CO2 emissions
46 % less Co2 emissions
A perfect fit - for the climate too

Choose denims from our range and improve your ecological footprint: 46% less CO2 emissions during the production of our jeans - thanks in part to the use of pure organic cotton.

  • 48% reduction in CO2 through resource-saving packaging

  • 18% energy savings during drying

  • 16% energy savings in sewing ingredients

We think in cycles

BetterRecycling Denim is a further contribution to even more sustainability - a true innovation and revolution in manufacturing. Because we give our offcuts and yarn remnants a second life. We process leftover quantities of our organic denim into clothing that will accompany you for many years. For a sustainable material cycle system. Conserving resources and without harmful chemicals. Zero waste, 100% hessnatur.

BetterRecycling for her, for him, for kids

Jeans made from organic denim, our BetterRecycling collection offers the best wearing comfort.