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Natural denim.
Fits perfectly. Nature too.

Really good jeans fit like a second skin and feel completely natural . Our NATURDENIM takes the freedom to to suit nature just as well as it does to you.
Because just as you would like to merge with your new favorite jeans, you are already firmly connected with nature. Nature is your origin. That is why NATURDENIMs are made of fine organic cotton and rely on ecological production from the cultivation of the raw fiber to the last rivet.

91% water saving

Fits perfectly.
Also the environment.

While the raw material cultivation for our jeans uses 91% less water , we save up to 50 l water in the production of our denims and recycle around 80% of the waste water for the next washing process. Not using pumice stones also has a positive effect on our water consumption - if they are used to create used effects, several washes are then necessary to wash out the pumice stone residues.

Overall, we are able to save up to 45,379 bottles of water per pair of jeans when we cultivate the raw materials and through recycling.

Jeans have become an indispensable part of our wardrobe - their relaxed versatility enriches our lives. We at hessnatur have developed our most sustainable jeans of all time. They not only fit you particularly well, but also our planet.

Fits perfectly.
You too.

Find your new favorite jeans -
for more comfort and more tomorrow.

100% organic cotton

Fits perfectly. Also the earth.

Our denims are made from sustainably produced organic cotton - this means that the soil used can regenerate itself and remain fertile and productive for future generations. The use of pure organic cotton means 30 m² less polluted soil per pair of jeans - and more clean soil for all of us.

All jeans from hessnatur are produced in a socially and ecologically fair manner.
Our men's jeans

Our new denim styles for men are reliable partners and more sustainable than ever.

To jeans for men
Our women's jeans

Find the perfect companion for every day - your new, sustainable favorite jeans.

To the jeans for women

100% less plastic

Fits perfectly.
Even the oceans.

Small details with a big effect: Our jeans have neither a patch nor an advertising label. In addition, from now on they will only be adorned with electroplated and plastic-free buttons and rivets - for less plastic on of the world.

You too can change the world with jeans from hessnatur. The positive result of our denim production with electroplated and plastic-free buttons:

  • 98% fewer chemicals
  • 15% lower energy consumption
  • 65% less water consumption
  • 85% less hazardous waste

Wonderfully natural and of course wonderful: Our jeans look great , are great to wear and make our planet a better place. Buy your new jeans without a guilty conscience and make an active contribution to climate protection.

Our commitment
for more tomorrow

Put your trust in nature together with us.

46% less CO2 emissions

Fits perfectly. Also the climate.

Choose denims from our range and improve your ecological footprint: 46% less CO2 is emitted in the production of our jeans - among other things by using pure organic cotton.

  • 48% savings in CO2 through resource-saving packaging
  • 18% saving of energy when drying
  • 16% energy savings in sewing materials
The basis of our fair fashion is not only environmentally friendly, sustainable production, but also high-quality materials - so that you can enjoy your new favorite jeans for a long time.
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