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Second hand clothing Second hand clothing
In every ending
also a new beginning.

Our second-hand program:
A revival for your hessnatur favorite pieces.

Who does not know that? The sweater that was once our favorite is migrating deeper and deeper into the closet – to the point where we may no longer wear it. This good piece could make a real difference for the environment if we bring it back into the fashion cycle together.

Every hessnatur part you no longer need that is in good condition can become someone else's new favorite item. Join us and help us to close the fashion cycle - by giving your clothes a new life.

Sustainable and resource-saving in production, timeless in design - and from the natural fiber to the processing of the highest quality. We manufacture all of our products to last a long time. The best prerequisite for more than one person enjoying it for a long time.

sell hessnatur products.

It's so easy to register hessnatur products for sale that are in good condition: Upload current pictures and select the category. We will send you a price quote and a free shipping slip. After checking the received goods, we will confirm or renew our price offer and put your parts for sale online. As soon as this is done, you will receive the agreed amount.

Sell second-hand fashion

Recycle worn out fashion.

Do you have old hessnatur products that are damaged? Then don't throw them away! Send us your worn-out hessnatur clothing and we will use it in our new collection. As a thank you, you will receive a €5 voucher for our shop for each entry.

Recycle fashion


hessnatur products live longer.
Join us.

Reuse saves resources and keeps healthy and sustainable clothing in the fashion cycle. Make yourself and others happy - by selling your hessnatur clothing.

You can now register and send in parts for sale. We then take care of the sale through our secondhand platform and pay you the agreed price once your products have been sold.

Second-hand from hessnatur Second-hand from hessnatur

Second hand from hessnatur:
The double sustainability

With our second-hand shop, we extend the lifespan of our sustainably produced fashion. Join us! Let's conserve resources together and support the idea of circular economy.

Textiles from hessnatur are of the highest quality and particularly durable. Our timeless designs are made from valuable natural fibers. Nevertheless, we check every second-hand product before we offer it here. So you can be sure that you are treating yourself to something nice and doing something good at the same time.

Discover second-hand fashion