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Made in Germany.

Clothing - Made in Germany.

We are always enthusiastic about the passion and competence of our long-term German partners and want to promote regional textile production - this is one of the reasons why Germany is our third largest production country for clothing. The other is obvious, because shorter transport routes are good for the environment. Here you will find all textiles made in Germany at a glance - look forward to high quality that will give you long-term pleasure.

Discover clothes and home textiles from Germany

Lingerie made in Germany.

Lingerie from Germany.

Charming lingerie from an old German company.
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Men's underwear from Germany.

Sustainable cotton, processed in Germany.
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Belt from Germany.

HIGH QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP - Valuable one-off pieces with a lively structure: The belts are hand-made from chrome-free tanned leather in a Swabian factory. Their naturally beautiful surface shows that they are only treated with natural oils and fats.
Discover women's belts Discover men's belt

Clothing for babies & kids from Germany.

Lingerie, socks & our popular walk for our little ones, made in Germany.
Discover fashion for baby & kids

Home textiles from Germany.

A German cuddle fairy tale - bed linen, blankets and bedding from Germany.
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Sourced in Germany
Fashion and home textiles - raw fiber from Germany.

We wholeheartedly promote the traditional skills of the individual manufacturing countries, which of course also includes our home country. In Germany we therefore support the preservation of traditional sheep breeds and the only remaining cultivation project for organic linen. Since we give farmers a purchase guarantee for their harvest, textiles made from German wool and Hessen linen are an integral part of the hessnatur collection.

Carpets made from German wool.

Now cosiness is moving in - healthy materials for a healthy room climate: Our carpets made from ecologically processed new wool from German sheep are fluffy, comfortable, naturally durable and dirt-repellent. In many different designs and sizes that make your home even more cozy.
Discover carpets made from German wool

Leather from Germany.

Highest natural quality for healthy feet - sustainable in origin and processing: The leather of these shoes comes from Germany and is processed here according to our strict standards ecologically and without chromium salts.
Discover women's shoes Discover men's shoes

Feathers & down from the Münsterland.

All down and feathers used for our bedding are natural and come from species-appropriate animal husbandry on small-scale farms in the Münsterland. They are basically just a by-product of meat production.
Bedding with German down Discover bedding

Hand-printed table linen from a German manufacturer.

UNIQUE PRINTED BY HAND - Ecologically produced from Hessian organic linen and high quality hand-printed in a Hanoverian manufactory: The ideal table linen for everyone who likes to enjoy regionally. And a successful example of sustainable upcycling. Because the yarns used are valuable residual quantities from our Hessen-Linen production, which find a whole new purpose.
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