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Made in Germany
Made in Germany
Clothing - made in Germany

We are always impressed by the passion and expertise of our long-standing German partners and want to promote regional textile production - this is one of the reasons why Germany is our third largest country of production for clothing. The other is obvious, because shorter transportation routes are good for the environment. Here you will find all textiles produced in Germany at a glance - look forward to high quality that will give you pleasure for a long time.

Underwear | Accessories | Junior
Underwear Made in Germany

Stockings & bras from an old German company.

Accessories from Germany

High-quality craftsmanship - valuable individual pieces with a lively structure.

Clothing & more for babies & kids

Home textiles, underwear, socks & our popular Walk for our little ones, made in Germany.

Home textiles
Home textiles from Germany

A German cuddle fairy tale - bed linen, blankets and bedding from Germany.

Sourced in Germany
Sourced in Germany

We wholeheartedly support the traditional skills of the individual manufacturing countries and this naturally includes our home country. In Germany, we therefore support the preservation of traditional sheep breeds.

As we give the farmers a purchase guarantee, textiles made from German wool and shoes made from German leather are an integral part of the hessnatur collection.

Wool from Germany
Wool from Germany

Sheep are real landscape managers who, if kept correctly, help to improve soil quality. We pay particular attention to promoting biodiversity with our choice of wool. That is why we also process the wool of old German sheep breeds, such as the Rhön sheep, Coburg fox, North German dyke sheep and the Heidschnucke.

Rhönwolle | Carpets
Rhönwolle: regional beauty

When natural beauty also has character, it's the best mixture. Like our unique Rhön wool, which is unbleached and undyed, defies the weather and is wonderfully warm. We use it to make timeless and robust jackets for the whole family. Out of love for people and our Rhön sheep.

Rugs made from German wool

Our rugs made from ecologically processed new wool from German sheep are fluffy, comfortable, naturally durable and dirt-repellent. Available in many different designs and sizes to make your home even cozier.

Animal welfare
Why animal welfare is so important to us

We produce our fashion in harmony with people, animals and nature. But how do animal welfare and fashion go together? Find out what standards we apply, how the animals live and what the five animal freedoms are all about.

Down & Feathers | Leather
Feathers & down from the Münsterland region

All down and feathers used for our bedding are natural and come from species-appropriate animal husbandry on small farms in the Münsterland region. They are basically only a by-product of meat production.

Leather from Germany

Chrome-free tanned shoes made from German organic leather that meet our high ecological and social standards. Sustainable and fair. That is the claim behind every one of our products.