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For all world explorers.

Baby overalls for every season & every weather.

If you want to discover the whole world, you need maximum freedom of movement. Our baby overalls made of organic cotton or organic merino are made for just that. In fluffy fleece, warming whale or all-weather softshell quality. Naturally temperature-regulating, dirt-repellent and free of harmful substances.

Our overalls in comparison.
The classic from Germany.
  • 100% KbT merino wool

  • Comfortable cut with folding waistband up to 74/80

  • Narrower cut without folding waistband from 86/92

  • Knitted selvage edge

  • NEW: Walk patches to repair

  • No lining, imitation wood buttons

The robust one.
  • 100% kbT merino wool

  • Knees and bottom reinforced with softshell patches

  • Practical lotus effect

  • Zipper

  • Folding cuff up to 74/80

  • For active children

The warm one.
  • 100% organic merino wool

  • With lining made of 100% organic cotton

  • Cuffs on arms and legs

  • Especially suitable for carrying babies

  • Printed

The water repellent.
  • 98% organic cotton, 2% spandex

  • Softshell with natural lotus effect

  • Wide cut

  • Zipper

  • No lining

  • Closing elastic hems

The cuddly one.
  • 100% organic cotton

  • Napped on both sides

  • The warmest cotton fleece

  • Stone walnut buttons in wood look

  • Folding waistband up to 74/80

  • No lining

The strongest.
  • 100% organic cotton

  • Fleece with light teddy look

  • Push buttons

  • Mitwachsbündchen

  • Without lining

  • Especially suitable for babywearing

  • Very easy to clean

The classic.
  • 100% merino wool kbT

  • Fully lined with 100% cotton

  • Zipper

  • Folding cuffs up to 74/80

The classic with stripes.
  • 100% merino wool kbT

  • Lined with 100% organic cotton

  • Lining curled

  • Zipper

  • Folding cuffs up to 74/80

Ultra warm & robust.
  • 100% merino wool kbT

  • Without lining

  • Softshell patches on knees and bottom

  • Natural lotus effect

  • Perfect in wet weather

  • Zipper

  • Mitwachsbündchen

Walk-Overalls made of organic merino wool.

Our beloved classics: Baby Walk-Overalls made of pure organic merino wool are perfect for the cold season. The dense fulling has a warming and wind-repellent effect, light stains and dirt can be brushed out when dry.

  • for transitional season and winter

  • warm without overheating

  • easy to care for: simply air instead of washing

Walk overalls made of organic merino wool.

What do I wear underneath?
What goes underneath?

As a rule of thumb, babies wear one more layer than adults. A bodysuit with tights is suitable directly on the skin. Preferably made of skin-friendly natural fibers such as organic cotton or wool-silk. As a second layer, we recommend a cozy pants and matching sweater made of natural materials. Of course, the right choice of layers depends on the season, so you need one less layer in warmer outdoor temperatures.

Organic wool fleece
Wool fleece overalls made from organic merino wool.

Our baby overalls made of especially lightweight, wonderfully heat-retaining wool fleece made from pure organic merino wool are super fluffy and optimally retain your child's body heat. Light stains and dirt can be easily brushed out when dry.

  • for the winter

  • warm without overheating

  • easy to care for: simply air instead of washing

Wool fleece overalls made from organic merino wool.

The ideal size.

The overall convinces not only with its cuddly soft look but also with its great properties. The one-piece suit is the perfect protective cover for all babies and toddlers: warmly wrapped from head to toe. Here's how to determine the ideal fit: keep in mind that your child will be wearing other clothes under the coverall. Therefore, there should be a hand's width of space between the diaper and the coverall at the crotch. This ensures sufficient freedom of movement. And fun while playing.

Softfleece overalls made from organic cotton.

The perfect baby overall for outdoors in dry fall weather as well as indoors in winter: This comfortable cuddly suit is softly roughened on both sides and therefore particularly fluffy. Our organic cotton fleece is breathable and warms easily - without any static electricity.

  • Pure natural fleece: soft as absorbent cotton inside and out

  • Stores body heat optimally, is easy to care for and cuddly soft

  • Up to size 74/80 with folding cuffs

Softfleece overalls made of organic cotton.

Softshell overalls made of organic cotton.

The windproof softshell overall for babies protects and warms little adventurers in any weather. The durable outer fabric lets raindrops roll off easily thanks to an ecological impregnation. Warming and softly roughened inside, with zipper for easy entry.

  • for rainy weather and first snow

  • windproof and water repellent

  • awarded with the GERMAN ECODESIGN AWARD 2021.

Softshell overalls made of organic cotton.

Well thought out - the cuffs.

An essential with clever details: our folding cuffs on arms and legs are the ideal warmers on cold days. Simply fold them over - and you're done.

With the long grow-along cuffs, on the other hand, the coverall can - as the name suggests - easily grow with your baby's next growth spurt. Simply unfold - done. This way, the cozy one-piece will still fit next season.

Fleece overalls made from organic cotton.

Our pure organic cotton baby fleece overalls are breathable while being completely static free. Our organic cotton fleece comes without synthetic additives and is also particularly robust and easy to care for.

  • for the transitional season

  • for indoor use in winter

  • slightly warming and cuddly soft