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BetterRecycling. BetterRecycling.


With every cut residue and with every thread residue. #RestIsBest
BetterRecycling Collection BetterRecycling Collection

For a strong circulation

We think in cycles and give our cut and thread scraps a second life. This is how we create new favorite pieces from our own production scraps. For a sustainable material cycle system. Resource-saving and without harmful chemicals. This is our BetterRecycling collection.
To the BetterRecycling collection
BetterRecycling for you.
For a sustainable design.

BetterRecycling for you.

The cozy fleece hoodie for the cold days or the cozy sweatpants for at home, our BetterRecycling collection offers the best wearing comfort.

For a second chance. For a second chance.

For a second chance.

For our BetterRecycling collection, we only use our own cutting and spinning residues, which we process with raw fibers into new, high-quality yarn. This results in items of clothing made from fleece, denim or merino wool. Zero waste, 100% hessnatur.
To the BetterRecycling collection
BetterRecycling for him.
For a sustainable appearance.

BetterRecycling for him.

Whether the casual sweatshirt or the casual sweatpants, with our BetterRecycling collection you feel twice as comfortable in your skin: skin-friendly and resource-saving.