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BetterRecycling: We do the rest

We think in cycles: Modern styles from our own production leftovers.

BetterRecycling: Timeless Pieces

We give our production remnants a second life: Modern shapes, such as a shortened troyer or oversized fleece jackets in a color-blocking design, are part of our BetterRecycling collection. Made from recycled natural fibers.

BetterRecycling for women

Whether it's a T-shirt made from pure organic cotton or jeans made from organic denim, our BetterRecycling collection offers the best wearing comfort.

BetterRecycling: essentials with character

It's all here: timeless fleece sweaters and modern denims from our BetterRecycling collection. All styles are made from our own yarn and offcuts to create new favorite pieces. Made from 100% natural fibers.

BetterRecycling products for men
BetterRecycling: Innovative styles

We created our BetterRecycling line because we think in cycles and don't want to go round in circles. Because we lead the way. With appreciation for natural materials. That's why we collect our production waste and turn it into new yarns. Love with every fiber.

BetterRecycling for children

For a sustainable cycle: colorblocking T-shirts, casual dungarees and fluffy tracksuits made from recycled organic cotton. These BetterRecycling favorites come from our own production leftovers.

BetterRecycling: we do things differently.

High standards mean more effort. But also uncompromisingly good results. That's why natural fiber remnants from our own production are used for the BetterRecycling collection. More than 18 tons of offcuts that are given a new lease of life as denim, natural fleece and sweat. For a fashion cycle that we can all support.