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Nature Shell.

Nature Shell: weather protection from nature.

They make sure that any weather is fun: our innovative Nature Shell jackets for the whole family in new designs. Made of breathable organic cotton with wind- and rain-repellent eco-impregnation. For full function and a pleasant feel-good climate. Ideal for the transitional season. Because outerwear without plastic is the future for us.

Outstanding. Eco-friendly. Innovative.

Excellent natural quality: Federal Ecodesign Award for Hessnatur Softshell. And german brand award in gold 2022.

Nature Shell 90 GR
Nature Shell quilted jacket
  • Transitional jacket made of innovative Nature Shell

  • Ultralight and ecologically impregnated

  • Fashionable fit and onion stitching

  • With hood, two-way zipper and drawstring hem

With a modern fit, onion stitching and two-way zipper, it's an easy-to-wear favorite and the perfect transitional jacket. The high-waisted hood, side pockets, drawstring hem, lightweight and natural weather protection make this style an ideal companion. The Eco-Finish works like a lotus effect and is washable up to 30 ° C in the gentle cycle despite the natural ingredients.

Nature Shell 205 GR
Nature Shell Dense cotton
  • High densitity cotton: dense organic cotton fabric

  • Functional: water repellent and wind resistant

  • Zip pockets at ideal height for backpack straps

High density cotton- this is very densely woven cotton in best organic quality. Our best protection against wind and rain with vegan-ecological eco-finish, which completes the dense organic cotton to a highly functional material. For trekking camping and all outdoor enthusiasts, for just being outside. Focus hood: it is functionally shaped with shield and two-way adjustable.

Nature Shell 160 GR
Nature Shell Parka
  • Windproof and water repellent

  • Casual fit with drawstring and large flap pockets

  • Vegan with eco-finish and natural lotus effect

Innovative, resource-saving and natural: NATURE SHELL - This is our eco-friendly alternative made of rain- and wind-repellent organic cotton, which is woven very tightly and lets water simply roll off. In modern parka design or in fashionable trench coat style these jackets convince with natural functionality

Nature Shell 260 GR
Windproof softshell jackets
  • For hiking, trekking and leisure

  • Outside: weatherproof protection, inside: pleasantly fluffy

  • Ideal for changeable weather in autumn, summer and spring

Made for changeable weather: outside windproof and water repellent Organic Softshell, inside pleasantly fluffy and extremely absorbent. With mesh lining in the back for extra moisture exchange to keep you dry on longer runs.

Softshell for big & small

For feeling good and experiencing nature: Our comfortable soft shell jackets, dungarees and overalls made from organic cotton. For even more freedom of movement in wind and weather.

We say no to plastic
Why is clothing made from recycled plastic not a solution?

Fashion made from ocean plastic and old PET bottles is becoming increasingly popular. But on the one hand, the garments rarely consist of 100% recycled material. On the other hand, an existing cycle, such as that of PET bottles, is broken in order to produce polyester from the bottles for the fashion industry. The bottles then have to be re-produced, creating new plastic. In addition, clothing made from recycled plastic releases microplastics again with every wash cycle.