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Nice and warm in winter, pleasantly light in summer - the right comforter is crucial for a comfortable sleeping environment. On the one hand, it should absorb moisture, but on the other hand it should also be breathable. Quite high requirements that natural fibers such as organic cotton, organic virgin wool and camel hair simply meet best. Personal need for warmth, room temperature and season - our comforter advisor makes choosing your new comforter very easy.

Which size of comforter is the right one?

The size of the comforter depends firstly on the size of your mattress and secondly on your height. The larger the person or mattress, the larger the comforter. The standard size is 135 x 200 cm. For people taller than 180 cm, we recommend a comforter length of 220 cm. Rule of thumb: your comforter should be at least 20 cm longer than you are tall. The feel-good size 155 x 220 cm is becoming increasingly important. This size is ideal for those who like to snuggle up.

Which comforter for which season?
Summer comforters

Summer comforters are characterized by less filling as well as cooling materials such as wild silk. Our lightweight comforters are suitable for the warm season or heated bedrooms or are ideal for people with a low heat requirement.

Winter comforters

Winter comforters are ideal for the cold season and for people who need more warmth. Natural materials such as organic virgin wool, fair trade down or camel hair provide warmth without overheating. This effect is enhanced in our duo comforters by the air cushion that forms in the middle between the two firmly connected layers.

All-season comforters

All-season comforters are particularly suitable for the transitional period or for bedrooms with slight temperature fluctuations. Comforters with a high filling weight for people who get cold easily and have a high need for warmth.

Comforters with plant fibers.
Comforters with organic cotton filling.
  • unbleached and undyed

  • ideal for people who perspire easily

  • suitable for people with animal hair allergies

  • machine washable

  • vegan

Comforters with hemp and organic cotton filling.
  • unbleached and undyed

  • ideal for people who perspire easily

  • temperature-regulating and moisture-regulating

  • suitable for people allergic to animal hair

  • machine washable

  • vegan

Comforters with natural hair.
Comforters with tussah silk filling.
  • incomparable properties

  • for balanced sleeping comfort

  • light and supple

  • soft quality

Comforters with virgin wool filling.
  • pleasantly light

  • temperature-regulating

  • moisture-regulating

  • soft and cuddly

Comforters with down filling.
  • highest quality from German manufacture

  • not obtained from live animals

  • light and cuddly

  • moisture-regulating

  • mite-proof

  • machine washable

Comforters with camel hair filling.
  • noble and precious

  • temperature-regulating and moisture-regulating

  • ideal for people who get cold easily but also sweat a lot

  • very cuddly

  • high self-cleaning power

To wash or not to wash comforters?

Blankets filled with fine animal hair generally do not need to be washed as they have high self-cleaning properties. It is perfectly sufficient to air new wool or camel hair comforters properly. Even outside in damp air, as the fibers will then straighten out again after drying and regain their natural bulkiness. Cotton blankets are washable, but should not be spun or shaken out vigorously. Ideally, you should spread the blanket out on a clothes horse to dry. It will thank you for it.

Comforters for babies and children.

Ensuring a healthy sleeping environment for their child is often at the top of the list for parents. Whether newborn babies or adventurous children ─ a peaceful, undisturbed and deep sleep is very important for their development.

A cozy comforter helps children to regenerate well. However, we recommend using our sleeping bags for the first two years and only adding a comforter later on, when your child is old enough not to pull the comforter over their head and can get out from under it on their own.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any special questions, our telephone advice service will be happy to help you.

You can reach our advice team Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00:

06033 991-801