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A better future always begins with ourselves. Sometimes with the shirt we wear. As a sustainable fashion brand, hessnatur has been working with natural materials for almost 45 years. In this way we conserve resources instead of exploiting them.

For our collection we prefer to use natural fibers from organic farming. Because not using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other pollutants is good for soil, water quality and the health of all living things. What makes our natural fashion so special? In further processing, too, only tested substances and processes that protect people and the environment may be used. This is how valuable fibers such as light organic cotton, cooling organic linen and warming organic new wool are used to create certified ecological clothing. Because each of our garments is tested for residues and skin tolerance by independent institutes and our own employees. And did you know? We owe the pioneering spirit of Heinz Hess to the fact that organic cotton clothing is even available today. Because in 1991 he was one of the initiators of the world's first cultivation project for organic cotton.

Fair clothing - strict social standards. Fair clothing - strict social standards.

Fair clothing - strict social standards.

BECAUSE TRANSPARENCY MAKES THE WORLD BETTER. Every single piece of clothing is created in many small steps. From farmers to seamstresses, many people do their best to produce our sustainable fashion. We feel responsible for ensuring that the people in production are also doing well. That is why we ensure that strict social standards are adhered to in close contact with our suppliers. For example, the Fair Wear Foundation regularly conducts independent audits and training courses at our producers. Long-term supplier relationships, partnership-based exchange and professional complaint management - all the background and facts about our fair fashion can be found in the hessnatur social report.
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Conserve resources with sustainable fashion. Conserve resources with sustainable fashion.

Conserve resources with sustainable fashion.

BECAUSE WE THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE. It is our aim to use resources carefully. That is why we value pure, natural and recyclable materials. And since 1976 we have been constantly developing alternative production processes that conserve resources and do not pollute water or air. As for our sustainable organic jeans, whose optimized ecological washes require very little water and do not pollute the wastewater. Durable materials, processed with the greatest care into timeless designs: These are our ingredients for real favorite pieces that will accompany you for many years.
Fair women's fashion.

Fair women's fashion.

Fashion, lingerie and accessories in ecological quality.
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Fair men's fashion.

Fair men's fashion.

Modern classics and outdoor clothing that makes the difference.
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Fair fashion for babies & kids.

Babies & Kids.

Ecologically high quality natural fibers for delicate children's skin.
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Fair fashion for babies & kids.
Everything for a consistently sustainable home. Everything for a consistently sustainable home.


Everything for a consistently sustainable home.