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We celebrate the nature. 20% for your natural home.*
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Natural carpets for a healthy indoor climate

The first surprise awaits you when you unpack your long-lasting favorite! You smell: nothing. Because we deliberately refrain from using harmful chemicals when processing the high-quality natural fibers. You will not find softeners, solvents, glue or chemical moth repellants in our natural carpets - because only then can humans and nature breathe a sigh of relief. There is a choice of two beneficial natural fibers: virgin wool and natural organic cotton.

Which carpet suits you?

Comfortable, sound-absorbing, light weight and pleasantly springy with every step: With us you will find fluffy wool carpets and easy-care cotton carpets for your home - naturally processed all around ecologically. Whether plain-colored, patterned, structured or made of undyed virgin wool - each of our natural carpets is unique. Our robust wool carpets are also ideal for heavily used living areas such as the hallway. For children's rooms or bathrooms, on the other hand, we recommend our machine-washable organic cotton carpets. By the way: You can request samples in advance for the new wool carpets and special dimensions are also possible. Contact us.

Natural carpets for living rooms

The bigger the living room, the bigger the carpet can be. Ideally, the carpet is placed directly in front of the sofa and thus forms an optical island with the coffee table or other seating furniture. Particularly pleasant in open living concepts: the natural sound-absorbing effect of wool carpets. On cool days, they also ensure warm feet and comfort. Here, too, modern cotton carpets can be a practical alternative to classic wool carpets.
Living room carpets

Natural carpets for dining rooms

A carpet in the dining room lowers the noise level and warms your feet - ideally when it is right under the dining table. The dining room carpet should be so big that all chairs can still stand comfortably on the carpet. It is also important that it is easy to care for. Our short-pile carpets made of dirt-repellent new wool or our flat-woven organic cotton carpets, which you can easily wash through, fulfill this function.
Dining room rugs

Natural carpets and rugs for the hallway

Which carpet do you use for the intensively used hallway or entrance area? In order for carpets and rugs to look good for a long time with daily use, they should be particularly robust, even when compared to sturdy shoes. Runners made of flat-woven virgin wool with multi-colored patterns are ideally suited here - dirt is not noticed so quickly. In long corridors, several short-pile carpets can be laid one behind the other. Ideal for the hallway area: our machine-washable cotton carpets. They can take a lot!
Hall carpets

Natural bedroom carpets

What a pleasure when feet in the bedroom are the first thing to sink into a fluffy soft carpet after getting up! Whether a cozy island around the bed or cleverly placed runners - a deep-pile carpet can also be used in the bedroom. Especially natural tones soothe the senses. Those who like it more colorful in the bedroom choose our decorative organic cotton carpets. They are an inexpensive and easy-care alternative to classic wool carpets - light in weight and pleasantly soft underfoot.
Bedroom carpets

Natural bath rugs made of cotton

Our tightly woven bath rugs made of pure organic cotton are wellness for the feet - and beautiful to look at. With their decorative patterns and their soft feel, you can turn your bathroom into a pleasantly soft oasis of wellbeing. The skin-friendly organic cotton absorbs moisture ideally, ideal for all wet areas in front of the bathtub or shower. The other advantages of the bathroom rugs: They are pleasantly hard-wearing and light in weight, hygienically machine washable and suitable for underfloor heating. Available in 3 sizes.
Organic bathroom rugs

Natural rugs for children

Growing up healthy: discover our organic carpets for children! Carpets in the children's room bring color into play - and warm at the same time. As a play rug, they leave the little ones enough space to crawl on the floor and for creative discovery. They dampen noise and are easy to machine wash. Because just such a children's room carpet has to be able to forgive some stains. What is particularly important with children's room carpets: That they are made without questionable substances and thus bring a real piece of nature into the children's room.
Organic children's room carpets

Carpets made from 100% virgin wool.

Sustainably kept breeds such as the Rhön sheep make an important contribution to the maintenance of the landscape in many areas of Germany - but only if shepherds also find buyers for the valuable wool. With the production of our wool carpets and the targeted use of new wool, we promote the preservation of these old animal breeds. This is important to us!
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Our natural carpets - transparently & fairly produced.

As with all of our products, the manufacture of our carpets is of course completely transparent. This transparency is still rare in carpets. That is why we are happy to have been working with our German partner for over 20 years. By the way: Each wool rug is unique and is only woven by hand exclusively for you after your order has been received. Also in your desired size!
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MADE IN GERMANY - All hessnatur articles from Germany at a glance.

We are always enthusiastic about the passion and competence of our long-term German partners and want to promote regional textile production - this is one of the reasons why Germany is our third largest production country for organic clothing. The other is obvious, because shorter transport routes are good for the environment.
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Carpets - sustainably and fairly produced

Carpet and runner made of organic cotton

  • tightly woven organic quality
  • handmade & natural
  • usable on both sides
  • in many colors and patterns
  • available in 3 sizes
Organic cotton rugs

Wool carpet with patterns

  • made of pure new wool
  • artfully hand-woven with a raised plait or structure pattern
  • Height: 3 to 4 cm
  • particularly voluminous and soft
  • in many colors
Cable pattern carpets

Natural reversible carpets

  • hand-woven from fulled strands of virgin wool
  • Height: approx. 1.5 cm
  • usable on both sides
  • runs pleasantly bouncy
  • in many colors
Reversible carpets

Natural loop carpets

  • a classic among natural carpets
  • New wool yarn as thick as a finger, milled, in loops
  • Height: approx. 3 cm
  • voluminous and soft
  • in many colors
Loop rugs

Natural carpets with extra volume

  • with thick milled strands of wool that stand up
  • Height: approx. 4.5 cm
  • particularly voluminous and soft
  • sound-absorbing
  • in many colors
Pile carpets
We use wool from various natural talents for our new wool carpets.

Natural carpets made of wool from the Rhön sheep

Authentic natural carpets made from the wool of the Rhön sheep, which traditionally graze on unfertilized meadows in the Rhön Biosphere Reserve. Due to its robustness, Rhön wool is particularly suitable for fulling, which results in a durable wool yarn. Like all of our carpet yarns, this wool is not bleached and only dyed with dyes that have been tested for harmful substances.
Rhön sheep carpets

Natural carpets made of wool from the dyke sheep

Now even lighter: For our natural white carpets, we use the particularly white wool from the north German dyke sheep. These graze on the dike meadows around Kiel. There they make an important contribution to ecological dike maintenance, as they leave the grass roots in the ground and compact the sward with their hooves.
Dike sheep carpets

Natural wool carpets from the Heidschnucke

The wool for these natural carpets, whose color accents are reminiscent of the heather landscape of Lower Saxony - the original habitat of the heather sheep, comes from the black-headed heather sheep. This wool unfolds its warm and homely character through the finger-thick, milled and hand-woven strands of wool on large looms.
Heidschnucken carpets

Natural carpets made of wool from the Coburg fox sheep

The name says it all: reddish, like the fur of a fox, the lambs are born and the adult animals also have a golden shimmer. As a finger-thick milled yarn, we weave the wool from controlled organic animal husbandry into masterpieces of nature. These carpets look particularly homely.
Coburg fox sheep carpets

Fluffy or firm? How high should your new natural carpet be?

Carpets made from pure new wool are naturally more fluffy than carpets and rugs made from pure organic cotton. While cotton carpets are only available in one height, wool carpets differ in their pile height. We subdivide into the easy-care short pile (with a carpet height of less than 1.5 cm) and the particularly soft deep pile (up to 5 cm high) - the ultimate fluffy dream for the living room, dining room or bedroom. What do both natural fibers have in common? Sustainability and fair production.
Short pile carpets Shaggy carpets

Natural carpet care

What is the best way to clean wool carpets? Pure new wool is naturally dirt-repellent, loose dirt can simply be brushed off. For vacuuming, we recommend a smooth floor nozzle so as not to roughen the fabric additionally. Stains should be removed as quickly as possible by carefully dabbing and without excessive rubbing. The hessnatur stain remover with panamarind is well suited for spot cleaning of carpets. We recommend carpet cleaning for cleaning the entire wool carpet. And how do you clean cotton carpets? Simply put in the washing machine at home!
Organic stain remover

Guide to sleeping & living

Our advisory pages show you at a glance what makes you sleep deeply and relaxed personally: Whether mattress, duvet or pillow - with search criteria such as sleeping position or need for warmth, the selection becomes child's play. Just decide what is important to you. With just a few clicks you can easily find all the products that are suitable for you online, as well as many other valuable tips.
Home counselor

Sustainable living trends

Every season we develop our own, timeless designs that fit and harmonize with one another. So that it becomes very easy for you to transform your home into a natural retreat. Let yourself be inspired and discover natural textiles that complement your new carpet perfectly. From organic bed linen to bathrobes: This way to our home collection.
Sustainable living trends

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