About us

Who we are

We are hessnatur and Messe Frankfurt, two drivers of fairness and innovation in fashion: hessnatur has, since it was founded over 40 years ago, forged a reputation as a pioneer in the market for sustainable fashion; Messe Frankfurt is all about Neonyt, an international platform that brings together sustainability and technical innovation in fashion.

What unites us is the ideal of establishing fair fashion in the market place and joining forces with other fair-trade brands, designers, consultants, agencies, associations, organisers, consumers, producers, private individuals and others committed to the same cause, in order to give fair fashion greater weight in business and politics.

We are convinced that fair trade is the future. But it will only be possible to change widespread consumer behaviours and, hence, the industry itself in the long-term, if we can reach out to a mass audience and, through clear dissemination of information, convince people of the grievous ills that currently exist in the fashion industry.

What we want

Positive change in the textile industry ++ greater fairness for people and the environment ++ healthy fashion for all ++ to inspire enthusiasm for fair alternatives ++ to arouse people’s curiosity ++ variety ++ environmentally friendly cultivation and processing ++ guaranteed social standards in the textile industry: fair wages; fair working hours; throughout the world ++ protection of human rights ++ empowerment of women ++ support for small-scale farmers ++ humane treatment of animals ++ a fashion industry free of genetic engineering and harmful substances ++ climate protection ++ clean water ++ massive reduction in plastics ++ less waste ++ just world trade ++ a workable, unified labelling system, so as to provide genuine information and guidance for the consumer.