Our first #fairfashionmove on 5th of July 2018 has been a success.

A movement in favour of greater fairness in fashion.

Do you want to know where your clothes come from, who manufactures them and what really goes into them? Would you like to change what goes into your wardrobe, but don’t know how? Then join us on the streets of Berlin and demand your right to fair fashion!

On 5th of July 2018 we were able to unite more than 200 like-minded people at the occasion of the Berlin Fashion Week. But this was only the beginning. Support #fairfashionmove and keep up to date – here and on Instagram.

You’ll not only be doing yourself a good turn, you’ll be doing something, at the same time, for the environment and for many of the small, fair-fashion labels; but, above all, you will be doing something to help the millions of people worldwide, who endure the demeaning working conditions in the textile industry.