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WUNDERKIND × hessnatur: The new collection

Uncompromising design meets uncompromising sustainability. With the third joint collection with WUNDERKIND, we show how well timeless elegance and environmentally conscious innovations go together.

Next level fashion

Our joint collection with WUNDERKIND combines the highest quality, design and sustainability. No ifs and buts

Geometric prints

The third collection with WUNDERKIND plays with modern silhouettes and fashionable, exciting designs. Sustainable materials and high-quality tailoring ensure optimum comfort. Sophisticated masterpieces with the unmistakable signature of Wolfgang Joop.

The new collection with WUNDERKIND

Dresses, overalls and utility pieces - the highly limited third collection with WUNDERKIND.
Distinctive styles meet sustainable premium qualities.

Wolfgang Joop

"For me, the new capsule collection has the perfect mix of romance and coolness. For the dot design, I was inspired by the art movement of constructivism from the 20th century.

So you can find both aspects in the new Wunderkind x hessnatur collection: the simple elegance of my unmistakable prints, which I took particular pleasure in designing, and the natural luxury of hessnatur's uncompromisingly sustainable materials."