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Sustainable yoga clothing & loungewear.

Nature for skin and senses: Our fashionable yoga and loungewear makes a clear statement with natural fibers in organic quality for more balance between people and nature. And thus helps to find the balance of body and mind. Whether yoga session, workout, training or a date on the couch - your skin will love these outfits!

The highlights of the season.
In balance, of course.

Here are our highlights for yoga and leisure. Sustainable, of course, with completely new material blends made of light organic cotton combined with delicate natural linen and cloud-soft kapok - now also as shorts, the airy it-piece of the season. This is the best for the summer and invites you to relax.

Be active for more tomorrow.

In great shape. My nature and me.

That feels good: yoga and pilates in nature. With our delicate qualities made from the finest organic cotton and delicate Tencel ™ modal. For a more sustainable balance. A dimensionally stable line that gives the environment and people a natural hold. Natural styles in a soft design that let the skin breathe, even when moving.
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All with me. Completely with nature.

Relaxing feels completely natural in our soft natural treasures. Made from particularly soft organic cotton that is free from pesticides and other pollutants. It is good for body and soul - and lets the environment and people breathe a sigh of relief. Exactly the right thing for lasting wellbeing while meditating and after exercising.
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Hau (p) tsache healthy.

Now the hessnatur loungewear comes in very special qualities. From super-soft organic fleece to cloud-soft cuddly sweat with kapok to ultra-light structure jersey. All made from the finest organic cotton. It is particularly water-efficient, protects the soil and protects your health. Nature relaxes. Feel yourself. Right on the skin.

Cloudy: fluffy organic sweat with kapok.

Even softer. Even easier: Our organic sweat now comes in a wonderfully fluffy kapok blend. It is wonderfully soft, keeps you warm and dry - and ensures that the body does not overheat. Exactly the right thing for well-being and relaxation in the warm season.
Light organic sweat with kapok

Super-soft: natural fleece made from organic cotton.

Light cuddly fleece made of fine organic cotton: Here comes our sustainable feel-good alternative with a natural cocooning feeling. Breathable, temperature and moisture regulating, the fine natural fleece is made for yoga and Pilates - and takes on a pleasant terrycloth-like character after washing.
Natural fleece made from organic cotton

Airy & light: waffle piqué with natural linen.

Now our summer jersey comes in a completely new blend of organic cotton with natural linen and in an airy waffle piqué. It is wonderfully light and gives the skin a unique feel, pleasantly soft and cooling. Only nature. For relaxing hours and a sustained sigh of relief, even on warm days.
Summer waffle piqué with natural linen

Natural colors. Uniquely, of course.

Soft NATURAL COLORS are like a promise to health and conscience. Because they make a good feeling - us and the environment. Like our natural sweatwear for the whole family. Made of organic cotton with airy kapok and dyed with vegetable color. Because being one with nature also means taking responsibility for it.

Only natural: unbleached & undyed.

Relaxation for skin and soul: unbleached and undyed, we prefer to leave our favorite summer fibers in their purely natural beauty. This is particularly gentle and gentle. Pure nature. Even sensitive skin can breathe freely and relax. Without harmful additives and chemicals.
Unbleached & Undyed

Plant color: Of course, by tradition.

Vegetable colors have a centuries-old tradition. The individual dyes are extracted from flowers, leaves, etc. from a large number of plant species in a uniquely gentle manner and then brought to our natural materials in a wonderfully harmonious way in a complex process.
Naturally plant-colored

Mineral colored: The soft colors of the stones.

This is a real innovation by hessnatur: Color pigments obtained from minerals are applied to our natural substances in a new coloring process. This is not only particularly natural, but also very sustainable, ecological, beautiful and uniquely harmonious.
Sustainably mineral colored
TMX ® Trigger against tension and muscle pain.

With the ecologically and fairly produced TMX ® Original Trigger made of unpainted beech wood, you can treat tension and trigger points in a targeted manner. Because the round head of the wooden cone looks like a physiotherapist's thumb. Long-lasting acupressure can loosen muscle hardening and counteract pain. Simply move your mobile phone over the underside of the trigger and create your free access to the hessnatur WebApp, and you will receive application videos and in-depth trigger know-how directly on your smartphone.

  • Trigger, head diameter 3cm: ideal for calf and thigh tension, blockages in the buttocks, lumbar vertebrae and thoracic vertebrae
  • Trigger, head diameter 2cm: ideal for complaints on the soles of the feet, in the lumbar and thoracic vertebrae as well as for shoulder and neck tension

For sport or relaxation.

Whether a towel or shower towel made of organic terrycloth or a cozy wool blanket for the living room, the main thing is that it is soft, skin-friendly and made from ecologically pure natural fibers. Without harmful pesticides and processed without chemicals - so that nothing but nature touches your skin. We at hessnatur are responsible down to every fiber. Because protecting the environment is important to us - since 1976.

Sustainable towels & bathrobes

Towels & bathrobes.

Soft, voluminous and absorbent. Dense organic terrycloth or super soft waffle piqué - definitely ecologically pure and processed without optical brighteners. Good for people and nature.
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Cozy woolen blankets & plaids.

Cozy woolen blankets & plaids.

Get on the couch! Our woolen blankets and plaids made of fluffy soft natural fibers hug you gently and sustainably. Feel good in the finest organic quality - summer and winter.
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