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Autumn and winter clothing for women Autumn and winter clothing for women

Autumn and winter clothing for women.

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World first: betteЯecycling World first: betteЯecycling

World first: betteЯecycling.

We do it better - for the environment and for us humans. With betteЯecycling we only receive and recycle what is safe for the environment. This is how we convert our own unavoidable spinning residues back into their fibers and mix them with new raw fibers. We only use pre-consumer waste, as this is the only way we can guarantee the transparency and organic quality of our fashion.
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Women's clothing made of organic cotton Women's clothing made of organic cotton
Organic cotton

Women's clothing made of organic cotton.

Even in winter, organic cotton is one of our favorite vegetable fibers. Whether fine and delicate or cuddly voluminous - our knitted sweaters and jackets made of organic cotton for women naturally make your skin feel good in winter. And also for many square meters of healthy soil - because the fibers for all pure cotton items come from controlled organic cultivation.
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Women's jeans made from organic denim Women's jeans made from organic denim
Organic denim

Women's jeans made from organic denim.

Are you not impressed by women's fashion trends? Do you know what is good for you? We have something for you: Timeless jeans from shirt to trousers, relaxed and yet stylish. Sounds good? It is! Create your new denim outfit that shows who you are: because you love the world around you, you are making the right decision. For denim made of cotton from controlled organic cultivation. Looks good when you do something good.
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Caring for cotton properly

Controlled organically grown and processed without harmful chemicals - this organic detergent optimally cares for our uncomplicated organic cotton. It is important to pull clothes made of cotton jersey into shape after washing and to observe the washing temperature to prevent shrinkage.

Women's clothing made from organic new wool Women's clothing made from organic new wool
Organic new wool

Women's clothing made from organic new wool.

Virgin wool knows what our skin needs in summer. Because it regulates body temperature exactly as it is good for us. It is difficult for water droplets to get into the fiber and just run off like dust and dirt. And: Virgin wool regenerates itself - just ventilate and enjoy fresh the next day.
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Caring for organic new wool properly.

It couldn't be easier to care for: virgin wool is naturally dirt-repellent, ie small amounts of dirt can be brushed off and odors disappear through ventilation. If a wash is necessary for care, we recommend hand washing or a cold wool wash with our organic mild detergent for new wool clothing. Then the clothes should be pulled into shape and dried lying down.

Alpaca women's clothing Alpaca women's clothing

Alpaca women's clothing.

Only caresses can be more beautiful than these noble fibers. Once you pick it up, you can no longer resist the temptation to carry it. Especially in summer, the delicate alpaca fabric in our women's clothing caresses the skin without weighing it down. This makes alpaca a summer fiber that you will never want to do without again.
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Women's clothing made from precious hair Women's clothing made from precious hair
Noble hair

Women's clothing made from precious hair

Our most valuable natural fibers such as camel, cashmere, mohair and yak are called noble hair because they are only available in small quantities due to their valuable properties and their special origin. Their soft, flowing drape and elegant look ensure that our women's clothing is luxuriously comfortable to wear. The following applies to all fine hair used by hessnatur: We only process it if its origin is transparent and our strict guidelines are met.
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Caring for precious hair properly.

The natural function of noble hair causes odors to disappear through ventilation. Similar to virgin wool, if it is heavily soiled, careful washing by hand or on a cold wool cycle with our specially developed organic mild detergent for fine hair clothing is recommended. For ironing, turn the clothes inside out and place an ironing cloth underneath.


Maintain Tencel ™ Modal properly.

Modal clothing is also exemplary in terms of sustainability: clothing made from this sustainable fiber only needs to be washed at 30 ° C on a gentle cycle and does not shrink. It is best to iron it inside out at a medium temperature.

Women's clothing made from hemp Women's clothing made from hemp

Women's clothing made from hemp.

Hemp is one of the oldest textile crops in the world. And yet it shows itself in a completely new guise: As fine-meshed, extremely delicate and transparent as we can use our hemp jersey in our women's clothing today, it looks like an adventure on the skin. Cool and casual, mixed with the feeling of freedom. Of course, it is still breathable and absorbent. By the way, hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly fibers of all. Because the frugal plant only needs a little water. And it is so resilient that it generally thrives without chemicals.
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Caring for hemp properly.

Hemp fibers dry out just as quickly as they absorb moisture. To clean them gently, we recommend this liquid organic detergent for hemp clothing and low temperatures of up to 40 ° C. After washing, pull into shape with a damp cloth and air-dry without direct sunlight.

Women's silk clothing Women's silk clothing

Women's silk clothing.

Women's clothing made of silk seduces and, as a refinement of our other fibers, makes time with it an extraordinary event. This precious fiber is only processed with the greatest care. This means that all processes that pollute the environment or lead to pollutant residues are excluded. How do we ensure that? By checking the entire production process and testing every new material for skin tolerance - by independent institutes and our own engineers.
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Caring for silk clothing properly.

We have developed this rich organic mild detergent for silk clothing especially for the requirements of this precious fiber. We generally recommend washing by hand or on a cold wool cycle, whereby silk should not be wrung out. When airing or drying, it is better not to expose silk to direct sunlight. It is also important not to sprinkle silk selectively with water (e.g. when ironing) and not to work on spots with water, and not to spray perfume or deodorant directly onto the fabric.

Women's clothing & accessories made of linen Women's clothing & accessories made of linen

Women's clothing & accessories made of linen.

Subtly shiny and pleasantly dry on the skin - in a mix with our organic cotton, long-lasting linen creates airy organic denim and flattering knitwear. Practical for on the go: the spacious shopper made from 100% organic linen from Hesse.
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Maintain linen clothing properly.

Pleasantly cooling and amazingly dirt-repellent: caring for linen clothes is just as relaxed as their look. To ensure that it stays beautiful for a long time, linen should only be washed with our organic linen detergent at the specified temperature and spun little. After washing, pull gently into shape and air dry. Ironing tip: iron inside out with the steam iron or iron while still slightly damp.

Women's clothing without elastane Women's clothing without elastane

Favorite pieces without elastane.

Pure nature on the skin. Real skin flatterers that get by without spandex. Hard to believe? We show that it works.
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