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Our consultant for women's jeans

Are you looking for the perfect organic quality jeans? Then you have come to the right ! In our advice for women's jeans you can find out everything about our different fits. With almost 50 years of experience in fair fashion, we know how we can produce our jeans even more sustainably. Because that's just better for people and nature.

Skinny fit jeans
An extra narrow cut wonderfully emphasizes the figure
to the skinny fit jeans Lina
Slim fit jeans
Narrow cut for a perfect wearing comfort
for Slim Fit Jeans Lea
Straight fit jeans
Absolutely timeless thanks to classic straight cut
for straight fit jeans Marie
Mom fit jeans
Particularly comfortable with tapered legs
to Mom Fit Jeans Hanna

Lina - our skinny jeans

Feminine figure-hugging! Lina sits perfectly.

Our "Lina" wears almost like a second skin - and that in the most positive sense. Our sustainable denim made of organic cotton was produced free of harmful chemicals and allows the skin to breathe naturally. In addition, the skinny fit, which flatters the figure wonderfully. We don't get the great fit from a high percentage of elastane, but above all from the well-thought-out fabric structure of our organic denim.

  • slightly lowered waistband
  • particularly narrow leg
  • emphasizes the figure
  • made from organic cotton
Lina Jeans discover

Our jeans washes

Washes give the blue jeans their authentic look. This uses a lot of water - normally. Not with our organic denim jeans . Because we recycle 80 percent of the wastewater. We don't get the great fit of the blue jeans through a high percentage of elastane, but primarily through the well-thought-out fabric structure. A new development that makes our organic denim even more dimensionally stable.

  • Dark blue
  • Medium blue
  • Medium grey

Lea - our slim fit jeans

With its inimitably comfortable slim fit, it is the perfect basic.

The best thing about Lea is: The slim fit of the jeans can be wonderfully combined with many styles - from decidedly casual to elegant. The low stretch provides that extra dose of comfort that we all love. Lea has the potential to be your favorite jeans, right?

  • classic 5-pocket ladies jeans
  • slim fit
  • particularly light and soft to the touch
  • made from organic cotton
Lea Jeans discover

Our jeans washes

When we manufacture women's jeans, the use of organic cotton alone saves 46 percent CO2. In this way, everyone can easily improve their ecological footprint. Lea is available in three sustainable washes. The special thing about the blue qualities: We manufacture them from a new denim fabric, which makes the jeans even more dimensionally stable.

  • Dark blue
  • Medium grey washed
  • Medium blue
  • Light blue
  • Mineral Dye
The most sustainable women's jeans of all time
Water consumption

We save up to 50 liters of water per women's jeans and recycle around 80% of the wastewater for the next washing process in order to counteract the shortage of the vital resource.

Organic cotton

Our women's jeans are made from sustainably produced organic cotton - so the soil used can regenerate itself and remain fertile and productive for future generations.

No plastic

With immediate effect, we are foregoing patches and advertising labels and are using buttons and rivets that are free of electroplating and plastic - for less plastic in the world.

Reduced CO2 emissions

The use of pure organic cotton saves 46% CO2 in the production of our women's jeans - this benefits all of us.

Marie - our straight fit jeans

A stylish companion for every day.

In the office as in the evening: Marie, with her small amount of elastane, is wonderfully suitable for concealing minor figure problems. The straight fit suits all figure types. Good news - even for non-model sizes. And these women’s jeans are particularly comfortable and go with anything. Thank you, Marie!

  • straight leg
  • figure close to the hips and bottom
  • classic 5-pocket cut
  • made from organic cotton
Marie Jeans discover

Our jeans washes

As flexible as you are: Marie is available in two sustainable washes: medium and dark blue - depending on the outfit or the season. Did you know? In the production of our women's jeans, we save 45,379 bottles of water * - for the sake of the environment.

* One bottle of water is equivalent to 0.75 l.

  • Dark blue
  • Medium blue

Hanna - our mom fit jeans

Good fit and unique freedom of movement.

Who says only mothers wear mom jeans? Everyone loves Hanna. Thanks to the high waistband and the loosely cut, comfortable legs, these organic jeans can go with anything - without any elastane and made from 100 percent pure organic cotton. The best friend of every woman who will go through thick and thin with you.

  • comfortable fit at waist height
  • tapered leg
  • figure flattering
  • made from organic cotton
Hanna Jeans discover

Our jeans washes

Hanna is ideal as fashionable mom jeans to hide small figure problems. In terms of colors, our popular dark blue washed is now getting a boost: Hanna is now also available in black blue washed and natural. Two more good reasons that make Hanna the everyday hero among our women's jeans .

  • Dark blue washed
  • Light Blue
  • Natur
Care tips for your women's jeans
So that you have some of your favorite jeans for longer.
  • Not everything has to be washed right after wearing it for the first time. Sometimes it is enough to let the women's jeans ventilate in the fresh air.
  • Improve the ecological balance of your women's jeans and protect material and color by not turning on the washing machine too often and using the eco program.
  • Use organic detergents so as not to pollute the wastewater with chemicals and thus actively protect the environment .
  • Turn women's jeans inside out before washing.
  • Wash the women's jeans with articles of the same color.
  • Wash at a low temperature - washing at 30 ° C requires 1/3 less energy than washing at 40 ° C.