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Whether couples, family or friends - matching looks are signs of a very special connection. Matching outfits are now reinterpreted in a relaxed way and come across as extra cool. Matching styles for favorite people and many occasions.

Mini ME
Mini-Me: Partner outfits for the whole family.

Family is where we feel completely comfortable in our skin. That's why these comfy Mini Me pieces are a must-have this season - and show who belongs to whom, by the way. Bet that makes not only little people quite proud?

Pattern mix
Pattern mix: even more powerful in doubles.

Classic stripes, cheerful stripes: patterns can be super combined and always put you in a good mood when mixed. Light T-shirts, loose sweaters and casual shirts are twice as stylish in a partner look.

Relaxed: Cuddly looks in a double pack.

Cozy can be so beautiful: The new Fleece and Sewat tops made of natural fibers are perfect for relaxing moments as a couple. Extra benefit: The relaxed feel-good look also cuts a fine figure in the home office.

trend color
Trend color: For the whole family.

Color-coordinated looks for strong appearances by young and old. Very up-to-date in the new season: the trend color dark green.