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Natural colors Natural colors
Natural colors.
Innovative natural colors from plants and minerals.

Where can you find the most beautiful colors? Of course in nature. Minerals such as jade or quartz, and plant extracts such as chamomile or woad: We use our many years of knowledge for innovative and environmentally friendly dyeing processes for our natural fibers. In this collection, the laboriously obtained natural pigments of our natural dyes give fibers such as merino and cotton a lasting shine.

Natural colors
Nature paints so beautifully.
Natural colors based on plants.

The dyes are obtained and processed in a complex process. On our noble merino they shine particularly naturally. The self-cleaning effect of the merino wool ensures long-lasting color brilliance.

We are not perfect. We are unique.

That's why we work every day to make our fashion more sustainable. This sometimes includes surprises - as with this inconsistent plant colouring. Sorting out and destroying the sustainably dyed models made of valuable natural fibers is out of the question for us. Because what remains are sustainably obtained natural fibers, processed into high-quality products that are unique due to deviations in color strength - as unique as nature.

Sustainable baby and men's fashion Sustainable baby and men's fashion
For a second chance.
Give your favorite model a chance, try it out and include it in your fashion cycle. As a thank you, we will extend your return period so that you can still return the product after the first few washes if necessary. Sustainable fashion. For love of the environment.