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Outdoor clothing for men.

Men's outdoor activities: get in the air - and work out.

What is good now is exercise in the fresh air: with the bike, the dog, in the snow or simply with the running shoes - in the right outdoor functional clothing for men everyday life is quickly forgotten and the good body feeling comes by itself. So: don't hesitate, move and off you go. We have put together a selection of functional underwear and functional shirts, fleece jackets and Nature Shell Lightweights made from the best natural materials that perfectly support your body climate.

Running in natural functional clothing for men.

Running clothes made from pure natural fibers that keep your skin breathable and balanced, no matter how far you run or how fast you want to arrive - is that possible? Yes, if it is made from merino wool, organic cotton and silk like our functional shirts, vests and running jackets for men. Because these are dimensionally stable and manage your body climate. So that you stay dry when it goes uphill and not cool down when you run downhill again on the other side. This makes outdoor clothing with merino wool perfect for windy bike tours or running in the shady forest.
Running clothes for men

Outdoor clothing for men - for your sporting ambitions.

Do you challenge yourself to peak performance when you are in nature? Then you expect the same from your outfit. A perfect fit and intelligent functionality are just as important in our men's outdoor clothing as well thought-out workmanship. After all, you don't want to overheat when things get really strenuous and you don't want to cool down when you shift down a gear. That this can be achieved with natural fibers will surprise many, but that is exactly what we can guarantee with our experience. Because we are constantly working on new natural blends that perfectly combine the properties of each individual fiber - so that you reach your goal, in nature and with nature.
Outdoor casual clothing for men

Perfect hiking outfits for men.

What could be nicer than a mountain hike when the sun is shining and nature beckons us outside? An important prerequisite: the clothing must fulfill pure function. And natural materials can do this just as well, if not better than synthetic fibers. In addition to the base layer, the men's shirts and longsleeves as a basis, the cotton fleece jackets for men combine perfectly as a second layer for the colder hours in the morning, in the evening and at higher altitudes. And a good rain cover - of course lightweight and with a small pack size - always belongs in the backpack anyway, so that you are prepared for any weather condition.
Hiking clothing for men

Winter hiking and skiing.

Sport under a blue winter sky, in cold air, in the snow: it's always nice to be outside and to be one with nature. With our outdoor qualities for winter, you can wear the diversity of nature on your skin whenever you need it - protective, warm and always one step ahead.
Winter sports clothing for men

Men's functional shirts made from organic merino wool.

A must-have for hikers, trekkers, cyclists and campers: pure merino wool is a real functional miracle and is equally suitable for minus and plus degrees. The quality of our merino shirts for men is extremely breathable, the cuts are well thought out, the jerseys are intelligently chosen. Whether you challenge yourself while hiking or take it easy - these functional shirts can do anything.
Functional shirts for men

Men's fleece jackets made of organic cotton.

Free of synthetic fibers and ideal when it suddenly gets colder. Our lightweight organic cotton fleece jackets for men are popular tour companions: skin-friendly, breathable and absorbent. Well thought out with thumb holes, elastic ends, zippers and elastic cords.
Fleece jackets for men

Nature Shell: wind and weather jackets for men.

Functional wind and weather jackets make the perfect top layer. With the Nature Shell innovation, we rely on the use of pure organic cotton with an eco finish. Ultra-light, sustainably impregnated and with a small pack size, it is part of every adventure. When does yours start?
Functional jackets for men

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