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Our men's jeans fit guide

Fits perfectly: Learn everything about the various men's jeans in our fit guide and find your new favorite jeans. By the way, you can wear the jeans for men without a guilty conscience , because our men’s jeans are the most sustainable that have ever been produced.

Slim fit
Narrow cut for a modern jeans look
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Straight fit
Straight cut for a perfect wearing comfort
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Tapered fit
Particularly comfortable thanks to the tapered leg
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Jasper - our slim fit jeans

A stylish companion for every day.

Slim fit jeans Jasper front Slim fit jeans Jasper back Slim fit Jasper jeans side view

Jasper fits like a glove thanks to the elastane content and ensures a relaxed look. Not skin-tight, but wonderfully slim cut, the men's jeans fit perfectly - also on your leg.

  • slightly lowered waistband
  • particularly narrow leg
  • figure-hugging
  • made from organic cotton
Jasper discover

Our ablutions

All of our men's jeans are made from organic cotton. With the water recycling system, 80% of the wastewater is recycled after every wash. Decide on your favorite or get your favorite Fit in different colors.

  • Wash dark blue Dark blue
  • Wash medium blue Medium blue

Ben - our straight fit jeans

Super comfortable and a perfect basic.

Straight fit jeans Ben front Straight fit jeans ben back Straight fit jeans ben side view

You just have to feel good in these men's jeans: Regardless of the occasion - Ben can be combined in many ways and has a slight amount of elastane. Thanks to unrestricted freedom of movement, they will quickly become your favorite jeans. Now also with recycled content: Your own cutting waste from jeans production is collected, processed and spun together with new organic cotton fibers and processed .

  • classic 5-pocket jeans
  • straight cut
  • particularly light and soft to the touch
  • made from organic cotton
Ben discover
Washes the straight fit jeans Ben

Our ablutions

Ben is also available in several sustainable washes , adding variety to your wardrobe. When manufacturing our men's jeans, the use of organic cotton alone saves 46% CO2 - this is how you improve your ecological footprint.

  • Dark blue
  • Dark blue washed
  • Medium blue
  • Black washed

Max - our tapered fit jeans

The discovery of nonchalance

A high level of comfort is guaranteed here. Max masters all the challenges of the sometimes fast-paced everyday life and, by the way, gives you a cool look with a narrow leg .

  • comfortable fit at waist height
  • loose waistband
  • tapered leg
  • made from organic cotton
Max discover

Our ablutions

As flexible as you are: Max also comes in three sustainable washes. We save 45,379 bottles of water in the production of our men's jeans - for the sake of our environment .

  • Dark blue
  • Black blue washed
The most sustainable men's jeans of all time
Water consumption

We save up to 50 liters of water per men's jeans and recycle around 80% of the wastewater for the next washing process in order to counteract the shortage of the vital resource .

Organic cotton

Our men's jeans are made from sustainably produced organic cotton - so the soil used can regenerate itself and remain fertile and productive for future generations.

No plastic

With immediate effect, we are not using patches and advertising labels and are using galvanic and plastic-free buttons and rivets - for less plastic in the world.

Reduced CO2 emissions

The use of pure organic cotton saves 46% CO2 in the production of our men's jeans - this benefits all of us.

Care tips for your men's jeans
So that you have some of your favorite jeans for longer.
  • Not everything has to be washed right after wearing it for the first time. Sometimes it is enough to let the jeans air out in the fresh air.
  • Improve the eco-balance of your men's jeans and protect material and color by not switching on the washing machine too often and using the Eco program.
  • Use organic detergents so as not to pollute the wastewater with chemicals and thus actively protect the environment.
  • Turn men's jeans inside out before washing
  • Wash the men's jeans with articles of the same color
  • Wash at a low washing temperature - a wash at 30 ° C requires 1/3 less energy than a wash at 40 ° C