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First baby wardrobe

Baby clothes for newborns: skin-friendly, natural, comfortable

Our baby clothes are specially designed to meet the needs of sensitive baby skin. You can be sure that we take loving care to ensure that our natural products are the best for baby's delicate skin in every respect. We take advantage of the functional properties of our favorite natural fibers and think through every garment down to the last detail.

Our feel-good baby fashion is particularly comfortable and practical. For example, we pay attention to clever opening options that make it easier to change and change nappies, such as a soft, extra-wide soft waistband that stretches when there is too much air in the tummy. We also use nickel-free press studs and particularly flat seams and think about every detail to make your little one as comfortable as possible.

Baby clothes for newborns

Baby clothes made from pure natural fibers - better by nature.

First baby wardrobe

For the first baby wardrobe, we recommend 5 to 8 bodysuits, preferably swaddling bodysuits, rompers or pants with a soft comfort waistband, shirts or thin pullovers, socks or tights, 1 to 2 jackets, 2 hats, 2 sleep overalls and 2 sleeping bags and an outdoor baby overall. The first wardrobe naturally depends on the weather: Depending on the time of year, we recommend, for example, short or long-sleeved bodysuits, rompers with sleeves or without sleeves, socks or tights, thin or thick jacket, light or thick hat and light or thick outdoor overall.

Use our practical checklists for the first wardrobe and hospital bag.

The right bodysuit

Pure nature for newborns. Bodysuits made from pure organic cotton or our skin-soothing wool-silk material mix.

Baby sleeping bags

For sweet dreams and healthy baby sleep.

Out and about with your baby

For baby's first outings, the walk sack is a real resting place and a real "all-rounder" for moms.

Overalls for babies

Naturally temperature-regulating, dirt-repellent and free from harmful substances.