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We celebrate the nature. 20% for your natural home.*
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*Applies to your next order / purchase and only to the Home range. Only in connection with your promotional code ZUHAUSE21. Not valid on bedding, mattresses, rugs, poufs, bed frames, curtains, care products and reduced items, third-party brands and gift certificates. No payout possible. Valid until 24.10.2021.
Sustainable home textiles for your home. Sustainable home textiles for your home.

Sustainable home textiles
for your home.

Nature gives us the most beautiful colors - just like the valuable fibers from which our designers have created timeless favorite pieces for your living space. Immerse yourself in our current living worlds and discover which of the new nuances best suits your lifestyle. From organic bed linen to warming woolen blankets to matching bathrobes made from organic terrycloth: Enjoy a healthy living environment. Together with the good feeling of home textiles made from sustainable natural fibers that are processed in an ecologically and socially fair manner.

Living trend Be Green Living trend Be Green

Refreshing, of course.

Soft green tones are reminiscent of leaves and flowers, organic prints make nature within your grasp. Lively designs for a balanced life. Growing together. Belong together. Doing good for the environment and people. For that we need strength. And where could we refuel better than in nature?
Living trend Be Green
Living trend Be Jolly Living trend Be Jolly

Many colors that make a whole.

A cheerful mixture of material and a colorful variety of colors exudes strength and joie de vivre. Energetic designs bring nature into every home. To enjoy again and again and feel alive. Because every single day is precious - just like nature, which we preserve through the sustainable processing of our products.
Living trend Be Jolly
Living trend Be Natural Living trend Be Natural

Bright and clear.

Simple designs make our home a place where thoughts become quiet. Harmonious combinations create bright spots in everyday life. For a home in which we find our center and experience the security of nature up close. For this we rely on timeless natural products made from natural fibers. Because sustainability is not a trend for us, it has been without an alternative for 45 years.
Living trend Be Natural

Sustainable products selected for you

Guide to sleeping & living. Guide to sleeping & living.

Guide to sleeping & living.

At a glance: you will find everything you need to quickly transform your home into a natural retreat on our advisory pages. Which duvet and which pillow are right for me? How do I find the right mattress for my body type? With just a few clicks you will find the answers - available for mattresses, pillows, duvets, bed linen, carpets, curtains, wool blankets, detergents and care products.