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Wash naturally with ecological detergents. Wash naturally with ecological detergents.

Wash naturally with ecological detergents.

From sustainable washing to the natural treatment of stains - these bottles contain all the power of nature. For us, detergents are only good if they are ecological, harmless and skin-friendly. That is why we have developed our own care product for every need: Without questionable bleaching agents, fragrances or petroleum-based raw materials and biodegradable.
Organic detergent neutral.
Organic detergent neutral.
The liquid detergent for cotton, linen and hemp is suitable for all temperature ranges and degrees of water hardness. Carefully, economically and environmentally friendly packaged in bottles made of recycled plastic.
Bio detergent neutral
Organic detergents for down.
Organic detergents for down.
Cleans and gives the delicate down the required amount of fat back without clumping. Made without petrochemical ingredients and animal testing.
Organic detergent for down
Mild detergent.
Mild detergent.
Natural fibers such as wool, silk and fur feel just as wonderful after this wash as they did before. Made from renewable raw materials and without fragrances or dyes.
Mild detergent
Hygiene rinse and stain remover.
Organic hygiene rinse neutral.
Organic hygiene rinse neutral.
Works against bacteria and odors, protects the fibers and refreshes colors. Purely natural based on lactic acid.
Organic hygienic rinse
Stain remover with panamarind.
Stain remover with panamarind.
Ecologically produced from natural materials: the vegan stain remover and pre-wash spray removes even stubborn dirt and stains, even from sensitive textiles such as wool and silk.
Stain remover with panamarind
This is what our washing symbols mean.

To wash

1 - Normal wash at 95 ° / 60 ° / 40 °
2 - gentle cycle at 30 °
3 - hand wash with cold water
4 - Do not wash
5 - wool cycle


6 - Tumble dryer at 60 ° / 80 °
7 - Do not tumble dry


8 - Iron * / ** / *** at a maximum of 110 ° / 150 ° / 200 °
9 - Do not iron


10 - Do not bleach
11 - Gentle dry cleaning
12 - Do not dry clean
13 - Gentle wet cleaning
Tips & tricks for washing.
Before washing.
  • Always wash inside out
  • Close zippers
  • Remove stains immediately (test on an inconspicuous area)
During the washing process.
  • Wash delicate items / fine fabrics in the laundry net (e.g. bras & tights)
  • Wash as low as possible, spin less and dry naturally (protects laundry and the environment)
Laundry net made of pure organic cotton
Hand wash.
  • As cold as possible, maximally lukewarm
  • Do not knead
  • Don't wring it out
After washing.
  • Dry knitwear lying flat
  • Pull jersey & fabric into shape when damp
  • Always iron inside out
Tips & tricks for non-washable items.
  • Ventilate instead of washing
  • Hand wash cold or maximum lukewarm without pressing, rubbing or wringing
Care products: ecological, organic and sustainable.

Make natural laundry care surprisingly easy: ecological care products based on proven recipes.

Anti-mite textile protection spray.
Natural protection against dust mites with lavandin.
Anti-mite spray
Moth box.
Our glue trap against clothes moths is odorless, natural and highly effective.
Moth trap
Antimott textile protection spray.
Delivates clothes moths without chemical additives, ideal for storing textiles.
Antimott spray
Leather balm.
Leather balm.
Universally applicable biological care for smooth leather.
Leather balm
Lambskin brush.
Lambskin brush.
Thanks to its specially curved steel pins, it keeps heads soft, shiny and supple.
Lambskin brush
Tips & tricks for our materials.
  • In general, from a hygienic point of view, it is sufficient to wash cotton outerwear at 30 ° C and cotton underwear at 60 ° C
  • can shrink in the dryer
Linen / hemp.
  • Wash at a maximum of 30 ° C to reduce shrinkage to a minimum
  • Do not spin or machine dry
  • Dry knitted fabrics lying flat
Wool and fine hair.
  • Thanks to its self-cleaning power, it is sufficient to ventilate in the fresh air
  • Only rarely needs to be washed
  • Hand wash or wool wash is best
  • Use special detergent for wool that is moisturizing
  • Never put knitted fabrics in the dryer to dry lying flat
  • Wash rarely, ventilate in the fresh air
  • Cold hand wash is best, do not rub, brush or wring
  • Use special detergents
  • Never in the dryer
Organic mild detergent
Bedding & skins.
  • Regularly ventilate the skins well (ideal in foggy conditions), loosen up with a fur brush, wipe off dirt with a damp cloth
  • Shake and air bedding regularly (instead of covering it with a bedspread, hang it over the chair)
  • Suck regularly
  • Treat stains immediately, do not rub in
  • Avoid acid
Stain remover with panamarind
  • Do not let wet leather dry on the heater or in the sun (it will become brittle)
  • Keep smooth leather supple with shoe polish, brush off heavy soiling
  • Maintain and brush suede leather with oil spray