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Because of their love for their son, Dorothea and Heinz Hess founded the hessnatur brand. We pass on the knowledge and know-how from over 45 years of organic fashion in our Baby Classics. Because soft natural fibers will always be the best for baby's skin. But organic baby and children's clothing not only has to protect sensitive skin, it also has to work in everyday life and be hard-wearing. Discover the advantages of our clothing made from natural fibers. Whether newborn sets to get to know, warming underwear, robust children's jeans or everything for outdoors - you are always well advised with our natural fibers, organic cotton, new wool and silk.

Baby clothes - unbleached & undyed.

Baby clothes - unbleached & undyed.

Pure nature: our natural fibers remain as natural as they are, unbleached and undyed, to protect baby's sensitive skin.
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Newborn baby kits.

Newborn baby kits.

With the practical first-time sets you can already cover a large part of the initial equipment. Natural materials are the best choice when it comes to clothing for a baby's first few months of life.
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Organic terry clothes for babies and toddlers.

Organic cotton terry in olive and beige.

Organic cotton terry.

The special thing about our cotton terry cloth in organic quality: It remains purely natural and does not use any polyester threads. Our terry made of pure organic cotton is also the ideal summer material because it protects babies and toddlers from the wind, is super absorbent and dries quickly.
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Newborn baby kits.

Organic wool terry clothing.

Our functional wool terry made of the finest merino quality keeps you warm and prevents sweating at the same time. This warming quality is wonderfully light and extra fluffy: the popular terry quality keeps you cozy and warm on cold days and lets baby's skin breathe. Pure organic new wool is particularly similar to human skin - the best for your baby in cooler times.
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Organic muslin clothing made from 100% organic cotton.

Organic muslin clothing made from 100% organic cotton.

Our muslin made of pure organic cotton with a delicate structure is light and stretchy and therefore hugs the delicate skin of babies and children as cuddly. An organic quality that looks delightfully beautiful and is light and uncomplicated. Just wash, air dry and put on again. Please do not iron, otherwise the typical muslin look will disappear.
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Organic muslin set of 2.
Nature softshell. Nature softshell.

Nature softshell.

Water-repellent and windproof: our natural softshell made of pure organic cotton is a textile innovation that defies wind and weather: the ecological impregnation is particularly hard-wearing and allows raindrops to simply roll off thanks to the lotus effect. So wonderfully soft, fluffy and pleasantly warm inside - all children who play outside for a long time think that's good. Practical: washable at 30 ° C on a gentle cycle. Awarded the GERMAN ECODESIGN AWARD 2021 Outstanding. Environmentally friendly. Innovative.
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Organic sweat clothing. Organic sweat clothing.

Organic sweat clothing.

Our organic sweat made of organic cotton is very soft and light. And robust too - easy to care for and durable. Also discover our summery mix of materials with kapok. The special thing about kapok is that heat is stored on the one hand and moisture is dissipated at the same time. The result: a wonderfully soft, breathable sweat quality for children who like to move around a lot.
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Organic denim clothing. Organic denim clothing.

Organic denim clothing.

Denim made from organic cotton is child-friendly, robust and easy to care for. Also discover our robust linen-cotton mix with a pleasantly cooling character and the hard-wearing hemp-cotton mix. New this season: our first biodegradable stretch denim for children with natural rubber and organic cotton for maximum freedom of movement.
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Organic Nicki clothing. Organic Nicki clothing.

Organic Nicki clothing.

The innovative thing about our natural Nicki is that, compared to conventional Nicki qualities, it is made from purely natural ingredients. It is slightly stretchy, wonderfully comfortable, velvety soft to the touch and also wonderfully easy to care for. Visually, the super-soft fabric scores with its nostalgic wide cord look. The soft jersey quality is wonderfully gentle on children's sensitive skin. The skin-friendly natural material also ensures that our earth's resources are used carefully.
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Organic fleece clothing.

Organic cotton fleece.

Organic cotton fleece.

Our natural alternative to conventional fleece is breathable, soft, warm and without any static charge. Cotton fleece does not contain any synthetic additives and is also particularly robust and easy to care for. Now new: Our all-natural cotton fleece is now roughened inside and out, making it even softer than its predecessor.
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Organic wool fleece.

Organic wool fleece.

Our unique wool fleece is naturally warm and cozy - a real hessnatur classic. The wool fleece is light, warm and breathable. It ensures that the little ones neither cool down nor overheat during active play. Also discover the particularly breathable, super easy-care and, on top of that, very hard-wearing material mix with hemp. Our tip for care: Wool fleece regenerates itself when it is aired, stains can be gently brushed dry.
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Organic boiled wool overall.

Organic boiled wool clothing.

Our boiled wool is made of tightly milled pure organic merino wool and keeps the little ones warm without overheating. Our organic boiled wool wicks moisture away from the body because it absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet. It is breathable because the pure natural fibers allow the air to circulate, heat cannot build up. And on top of that, it is very easy to care for: just air it instead of washing it. Light stains and dirt can easily be brushed out when dry.
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Organic boiled wool clothing.
Basics with wool. Basics with wool.

Basics with wool.

Functional basics in a retro look with a fashionably wide rib made of organic cotton and virgin wool - for a slightly warm feeling on the skin. The popular mix of materials absorbs moisture, dries very quickly, is easy to care for and machine washable. Discover the new colors stone, caramel and sea blue now.
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Clothing made from virgin wool and silk.

Clothing made from virgin wool and silk.

Our popular material mix of pure organic new wool and soft silk is made for the delicate and delicate skin of babies and children. The merino wool used, which is particularly warm, comes from organic animal husbandry. The silk content makes the laundry soft and soothing to the skin. And on top of that, the whole thing is wonderfully easy to care for: bodies & Co are washable at 30 ° C on the wool cycle.
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Organic boiled wool clothing.
Our promise for 45 years: skin-friendly, natural & comfortable children's clothing. Our promise for 45 years: skin-friendly, natural & comfortable children's clothing.

Our promise for 45 years: skin-friendly, natural & comfortable children's clothing.

Our organic collection is specially tailored to the needs of sensitive baby and children's skin. You can be sure that we take loving care to ensure that our natural products are the best for baby's delicate skin in every respect. We make use of the functional properties of our favorite natural fibers and think through every item of clothing down to the last detail.
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