Social Standards

The hessnatur manufacturing process sets the standard. For fair working conditions. Around the globe.

hessnatur is focused on sustainability and has implemented stringent guidelines from the outset. These permeate every area of the company and control the decisions made, every day. Fairness and transparency throughout the entire supply chain represent an understanding of values in the hessnatur fashion collections.

Social standards at a glance

 fwf_icon_schwarz_1 Employment is freely chosen   fwf_icon_schwarz_5 Payment of a living wage
 fwf_icon_schwarz_2 No discrimination in employment  fwf_icon_schwarz_6 No excessive working hours
 fwf_icon_schwarz_3 No exploitation of child labour  fwf_icon_schwarz_7 Safe and healthy working conditions
 fwf_icon_schwarz_4 Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining A legally binding employment relationship

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)

The Fair Wear Foundation is an international, multi-stakeholder organisation based in the Netherlands. It has taken on responsibility for working together with its members and production companies to improve working conditions in the textile industry (clothes manufacturing). To this aim, the Fair Wear Foundation checks that brands are respecting human rights in their supplier chains, monitors the working conditions in clothing factories, offers complaint hotlines for workers in a number of production countries and ensures the cooperation of everyone concerned.

All member companies are committed to recognising the eight standards for fair working conditions and to continually improving conditions for workers in clothing factories.

fwflogo-fullcolour_print On its website the Fair Wear Foundation provides detailed reports on the eight core labour standards, any complaints made by workers, the current status of individual brands (member companies) and many other issues.

The social report produced once a year by all member companies provides an insight into their efforts with regard to implementing the standards at production sites.

The last social reports from hessnatur are available here to download.

Download Social Report 2021
(PDF, 3,8 MB)
Download Social Report 2020
(PDF, 3,1 MB)
Download Social Report 2019
(PDF, 3,2 MB)

(PDF, 3,7 MB)

Download Social Report 2017 – EN„Social

(PDF, 5,9 MB)

Furthermore, the member companies are audited and assessed every year by the Fair Wear Foundation through the ‘Brand Performance Check’. During an on-site meeting, companies have to document their efforts towards ensuring transparency and sustainability and show how the social standards are being incorporated into their business procedure. The last two Brand Performance Checks carried out at hessnatur are available here. In the latest assessment, hessnatur was rated as a ‘Leader‘ (the highest possible category) – a result that confirms the company’s special commitment to making real improvements to working conditions.

Brand Performance Check 2017

The collaboration between the Fair Wear Foundation and hessnatur

hessnatur was the first German company to become a member of the Fair Wear Foundation in 2005. Over the course of more than 10 years of membership, a monitoring system has been developed for recording and continually improving the social standards in clothing factories and this is now firmly established within the company. As a result, not only has much been achieved and many improvements made in the supplier companies, and in clothing factories in particular, but hessnatur has also critically evaluated its own procedures. This is a dynamic process in which many people are involved and in which changes have to be continually integrated and processes adapted in line with new requirements. True to our slogan ‘humanity in fashion’, the focus is on further continued implementation for the future.

Our collaboration with the FWF

The core elements of our work on social standards are the close collaboration between hessnatur and the Fair Wear Foundation, and the complaints system. This means:

  • hessnatur ensures the implementation and monitoring of social standards in sewing factories.
  • The Fair Wear Foundation checks the work of hessnatur and carries out audits and training at the production sites on behalf of hessnatur.
  • The neutral complaints office is the third important element. It gives workers security and the option of reporting shortcomings in the factorieeben hinzuweisen.


Working on the hessnatur social standards

The three-pillar model for social standards offers an insight into the various tasks and activities involved in our work. In this process, sharing information with our partners, suppliers and also other brands is just as important as on-site factory visits and implementing specific improvement measures at production sites. Only through teamwork can we get a little better every day. After all, ‘humanity in fashion’ will always be our aspiration.


Awareness programme

hessnatur has developed its own training for suppliers in order to support the implementation of the required standards and work together with its partners on continual improvement. The training content covers employment rights and human rights – as a special feature, it is not only aimed at the factory management, but also at the workers and middle management. In addition to raising awareness about their own individual rights, another important goal is to create a better mutual understanding and improved internal communication. The concept is an extension of the Workplace Education Programme offered by the Fair Wear Foundation and is implemented in countries in which the FWF programme is not available. Why is this type of concept important? Only through a separate concept, defined contents and processes can a consistently high standard be ensured in different countries.

See for yourself what our suppliers have to say about the training and what it offers them:

Management is much more aware of issues in the factory

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Workers feel empowered to make decisions on their own

Wir verwenden YouTube, um externe Videoinhalte anzuzeigen. Klicke hier, wenn Du damit einverstanden bist.