Linen from Hessen

A forgotten fabric makes a comeback

Now virtually cast into oblivion, for many centuries linen was grown and used to make clothes, particularly in Europe. By the mid 19th century, it had been almost completely replaced by cotton, which was cheaper and easier to process. Over recent years, the flax-based fibre has been enjoying a renaissance. The textile industry is rediscovering its cooling and moisture-regulating properties. In 2005, hessnatur launched an ambitious linen cultivation project together with the Darmstadt Research Institute and the Ministry for the Environment for Hessen. Now, several farmers are growing flax in the traditional way with great love and care, so that hessnatur can harvest and organically process a crop of exceptional quality. We adhere strictly throughout to the guidelines of the Organic Farming Association and ensure short shipping routes in order to reduce emissions. Since 2009, garments made from organic linen have formed an integral part of our collections.