Feather down from the Münsterland region

Light as a feather and fair

When you squeeze it in your hand and then let go again, it springs back immediately into its original shape. However, elasticity is not the only property of feather down. Thanks to its spherical structure, it traps a large amount of air and is therefore highly insulating. We source the feathers used in our bedding products from a medium-sized family-run business in the Münsterland region. This is one of the only remaining companies to still retain control over the entire production process. The geese are reared outdoors using free-range farming methods. hessnatur is completely opposed to live plucking. The feather down is only taken once the geese have been slaughtered. They are then processed without the use of bleach and cleaned in an eco-friendly and skin-friendly way. Incidentally, goose down is ideal for allergy sufferers and, as a natural product, it is fully biodegradable.