Organic cotton from Burkina Faso

A healthy ball of yarn

Organic cotton is our baby. We initiated the world’s first organic cultivation projects more than 20 years ago – including the ones in Egypt and Senegal. In 2005, we began cultivating organic cotton through small-scale farmers in Burkina Faso, thereby covering our requirements for this precious fibre that is still only available in small quantities around the world. The focus throughout has been on controlled organic farming. Our specialists keep a very close eye on the eco-friendly farming methods used from seed planting through to harvesting. They ensure that crops are grown in rotation, i.e. changing the plants grown in a particular field in sequence. For fertilisers we use manure or mulch, and nutrients are introduced to the arable land in a natural way. Renouncing pesticides also protects the health of the people working in the cotton fields. In addition, farmers receive a harvest bonus for their painstaking work.