Alpaca from Peru

Soft and snugly luxury wool

Also known as the ‘fleece of the Gods’, alpaca wool is one of the most exclusive, highest-quality natural fibres that the textile market has to offer. Alpaca is as soft as cashmere, yet more durable and heat-regulating than any other type of wool. There’s good reason for this. After all, the animals – part of the camel family – come from the South American Andes. Here, their thick fleece protects them like a shield against the extreme cold at an altitude of 4,000 metres. hessnatur sources this precious fibre directly from Peru for its collections. The wool is finer around certain parts of the animal’s body. The best quality is to be found on the more protected areas. Another special feature of alpaca wool is the natural array of colours in various shades – from white and brown to grey and black. A light sheen gives the wool the look of high-quality silk.