New SADLE Nepal

Helping the Himalayas

Mighty mountains, warm-hearted people and deep-rooted beliefs – that’s one side of Nepal. However, there is also plenty of misery in this Himalayan country: lepers, for example, are excluded from society for their entire lives. In order to bring this abuse to an end, hessnatur has worked for many years in close collaboration with Nepra e.V. In 1989, this charitable organisation founded a leprosy clinic in Kathmandu, which helps to reintegrate former sufferers into society. Many of those affected have no idea that their illness can be cured and simply learn to accept being ostracised from society. Today, the New SADLE workshop for disabled people, where former sufferers and healthy people work together, is gaining global recognition (New SADLE = New Skills and Development Learning Experience). With apartments and integration in schools and nurseries, the project helps cured patients to regain their independence. The project villages of Sewa Kendra and Kalaiya Bara are now home to more than 400 people who are finding work in textile workshops. hessnatur has supported the development and provided practical support in terms of converting to sustainable production methods.