The hessnatur sustainability report

Economical, ecological and, above all, open to everyone

We work sustainably – and we talk about it. That’s why we published our sustainability report in 2013. With it, we want to show the public how we live and breathe sustainability within our company. This transparent communication has become a tradition at hessnatur – even for the company’s founders, Heinz and Dorothea Hess, it was essential, and the new management team continues to uphold this culture.

In our sustainability report, which is regularly updated, we document our commitment throughout the entire production and processing chain for our textiles – with the constant goal of reconciling economical, ecological and social factors. We aim to give everyone a comprehensive insight into our areas of activity. We want our signature and our dedication to the values and visions of our founders to be instantly recognisable. The report is a retrospective and also an indication of things to come: it clearly shows what we’ve achieved over the past four decades and the new challenges that await us. Look forward with us to what’s ahead.


hessnatur Bericht zur Nachhaltigkeit 2013

Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 13_FINAL_Ansicht_Download